From Brownsville, Texas

July 4, 2004


The following is a sample of the fbi's continuing psyops wherein the terrorists reinforce the theme (by e-mail) of its recent/continuing torture campaign intended to drive the Target (T) insane;

The first entry reflects the fbi's efforts to render T's residence a kind of torture chamber where the fbi watches T as he is bombarded with the ELF (directed energy weaponry) all night and nightly (note: T now believes that the fbi amplifies such attacks to include similar assaults on T nearly everywhere T goes 24/7); then to be sure that T understands that he is being tortured, the fbi sends the harassing e-mail, a represented below.


The other entries (below) correspond to other assaults and thematic variations associated with the campaign against T (such as home invasions, electronic surveillance, tamperings, poisonings, etc.) around the clock/for over 6 years.


From Brownsville, Texas

January 7, 2005


fbi employs sleep deprivation against T intensely during the night of January 6-7, 2005 and the next morning (the date of this update) T receives the following possible subliminal suggestion (from site meter) that he was just subjected to increased sleep deprivation all night; note the words below," increased" which means increased sleep deprivation (see bottom of this page for confirmation that Barbara Hartwell was indeed assaulted as suggested below (as shown in the site meter); T speculates that the dual assaults on himself and Barbara followed the telephone conversation on Jan.6, 2005 between T and Hartwell; the fbi, unhappy with the contents/occurrence of the conversation then retaliates with their mind games.)

Barbara Hartwell's testimony, dated Jan. 7, 2005:


Geral, yes I was hit last night, worse than usual. I went to sleep at 23:00 hrs and then woke up at 4:00, went back to sleep 6:00 and then woke up 11:00. I awoke exhausted. The signal is there, every night, but was more intrusive last night than usual. The only thing that helps me is saying prayers and conducting spiritual warfare against these henchmen of Satan, otherwise known as operatives of the U.S. Government. You know, every time they assault me, they pay a price because I throw their garbage right back at them and make sure to include every thug who is involved, the ones who order the hits, the ones deploying the technology and those who know but will do nothing to stand up against this evil. These workers of iniquity are too stupid to realize this, but maybe if they keep getting sick each time they hit me, they'll figure it out. I am your witness, you may post this testimony.

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From Brownsville, Texas

January 21, 2006


Each time that I write an article that the fbi and the cia find particularly disturbing the threat of increased sleep assaults follows, as shown below (note that increased psychoelectronic assaults always follow these threats):

FBI / CIA Tracking Devices

News From Bangladesh - Jan 19 10:30 AM

As I have documented at my site located at newciv.org (accessible at www.sosbeevfbi.com) the FBI and the CIA have placed tracking devices into the persons of many allied forces' translators ,as well as some diplomats and other personnel; the insurgents are aware of this high tech cat and mouse deadly game and are therefore predisposed to kill some Targets, rather than take them hostage.


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