From Brownsville, Texas

November 10, 2005


Below are examples (in the form of letters from the U.S. government) of the failure, incompetence and corruption of various agencies and departments when they are faced with complaints against the fbi and the cia; Sosbee notes that when he received the letters shown below he was in a state of semi shock at the realization that his country, its leaders and the people had abandoned him into the hands of most despicable torturers in the fbi and the cia.

See My Story In Detail, part 13, for more information on the 1999 assaults on Sosbee by the fbi.


Sosbee also notes that the ACLU declined to assist him, stating that Sosbee is one, not a class, and therefore not of interest to the ACLU. To the ACLU Sosbee replies that he is a hundred million or more and you should be ashamed of yourselves for pretending to be protectors of civil liberties; you should add another 'C' (for cowardly) to your title to indicate your fear of the fbi and the cia.