Tribute To Giovanni Flores

March 10, 2003


Giovanni Flores, Intellectual Giant

Thank you. On many occasions I receive the impulses emanating from your good will and strong character.


I will always value your liason because you were there for me in my darkest hour, at a time when I could not comprehend what was happening to me and I could hardly convey to others the incredible story which even now unfolds with regards to the terrorists and the assassins in the fbi and cia. I am stronger today because of the experience and I pray that my work will help others as your benevolence has helped me; in this way your kindness and intellectual greatness will also help those who may benefit from my experiences- because I am here in part because of you, Giovanni. As I point out in my site, I am not important in this world, except to the extent that I can shine a light on the dark and murderous side of this nation's intelligence agencies. I derive my sustenance in my work from universal spirits such as you. I therefore cannot fail.


You are also among my most valued acquaintances, not just because of your early vision regarding the nightmare thrust upon me by the fbi, but because you represent the voice of reason, fairness, liberty and kinmanship that should bring all of mankind together in peace; and you represent the hope that others will not be alone when they have to face the ordeal that I (and others) have been subjected to.


I expect that someday the United States will have to admit to the people of the world all of the atrocities and barbaric episodes of its inhumane efforts to colonize the world; the U.S. will have to confess and ask for forgiveness, but first it will have to admit to the hideous crimes that I (and others) have reported; I would not have been able to report them if I had not had a sense that I was not alone. In that inevitable admission all of my reports will rain down on this nation's government as boulders of the truth that strike a rogue regime which is out of sinq with Humanity.


In the interim I must continue to find and to cherish the hidden blessings that come to me and that keep me from being alone in the ordeal. You are one such blessing.