In a desperate effort to seek relief from years of fbi torture Sosbee applies for work in China. On September 1, 2005, he receives the letter shown below from Hong Kong; on the same day Bejing visits the site ,as reflected in the site meter entry following the Hong Kong letter; China's apparent message to both Sosbee and to the fbi : China will not antagonize the USA:

From Brownsville,

Texas June 5, 2006

This update confirms the suggestion above that China (and perhaps all other countries of the world) allow the terrorists of the fbi and the cia to control or influence world educational institutions and curricula by indirectly dictating who may and who may not teach. All references to the word 'China' below are to the schools and colleges which communicated with Sosbee as he sought employment there as a teacher. China sends invitations to Sosbee suggesting that he apply for a teaching position, as indicated in Sosbee's e-mail in box below:

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