I am a doctor in astronomy, professor in math and physics in high schools, researcher in science, in the world's mysteries and problems, and webmaster for this and some other sites*. I want to tell you that it is my strong and well based opinion (from my personal and lasting researches, other good and well documented researchers and other witnesses) that Geral W. Sosbee's accusations and testimony are correct, like well supported, and not negligible from any sufficiently honest officer or citizen. The incredible attitudes from many US politicians, officers and Courts is totally un justifiable. National security reasons are NOT reasons to commit criminal acts (or are we speaking of MAFIA?) or experiments against honest people. The tendency to cover crimes (from whoever they are done) using similar ideas is not of a civil country or officers and contrary to the Constitution.


Dr. Prof. Giovanni Flores

*Giovanni Flores is the webmaster of the Truth And Mystery Tour (and other sites); see home page for his site. Giovanni is not the webmaster of this site, www.sosbeevfbi.com.


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Mr. Stewart:

Your recent message to ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (below) which can only be considered an attack on Geral's character, professional reputation and credibility, was forwarded to me. Geral asked for my analysis of your letter; and because Geral is a dear friend and a respected colleague of mine; and since my name was also mentioned, I feel it is important to state my position on this matter.


Firstly, your attitude to Geral is disrespectful, judgmental and extremely presumptuous. Your comments reveal an attempt to impugn his sanity and show an unconscionable lack of respect for his personal boundaries. I find such an attitude highly inappropriate and intrusive; and as such, unacceptable in anyone claiming himself to be a supporter or friend as you had previously done. Before this unprecedented attack, you publicly referred to Geral as "FBI Hero".


Secondly, it is clear to me by your remarks that you are lacking in any real knowledge and understanding of the CIA's MK Ultra program as well as the nature of the Psychological Operations run by the military and intelligence agencies.

You make the unfounded assumption that Geral has been "mind controlled and traumatized from birth". This is an outrageous statement with absolutely no basis in fact.

In point of fact, Geral is a targeted individual, NOT a "mind controlled slave". He has been targeted because he is a whistleblower exposing a network of criminals within the highest levels of government agencies. Psy Ops are routinely perpetrated on most high-level and high-profile whistleblowers. Psy Ops and MK Ultra-style mind control programming are two disparate methodologies, which one cannot possibly understand without years of comprehensive research and/or having been subjected to one or both.

I have personally investigated Geral's case; have spent many hours, over roughly the course of a year, discussing these issues with him and have publicized much of Geral's testimony and reports along with my editorial comments, on many websites, message boards and newswires on the Internet. I know him to be a truthful, reliable and credible source of information.


It is emblematic of Geral's courage and dedication that he has exposed not only pervasive corruption within the FBI and CIA --which made him a target in the first place; but also that he is willing to go public with detailed descriptions of the terrorist tactics and Psy Ops used on him by his criminal adversaries. Testifying as to the specific harassment tactics of political persecution is the only way to expose the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, it is very typical for these targeted individuals to be viewed by uninformed 'outsiders' (including the public at large) as mentally unstable or to be ridiculed for their open discussion of these operations. After all, that is one of the primary objectives of the perps: To attempt to discredit the target; to make him look 'crazy' so that the public will not believe his truthful testimony, which exposes the atrocities he has witnessed and/or been the victim of.


I am a survivor of MK Ultra programming and CIA black operations; as well as a former intelligence operative who was utilized in Psy Ops, specializing in profiling and debriefing of military personnel in Special Operations, most particularly Manchurian Candidates (mind controlled operatives). I come from a family with deep roots in the intelligence community going back three generations, including G-2, CIA and OSS.

I am also trained in various forms of psychotherapy including Jungian analysis and hypnotherapy. I was ordained and licensed as a minister in 1979, and specialized in pastoral counseling, although I am no longer affiliated with any church and do not ascribe to any organized religion. The point I am making is that my training in these various disciplines, as well as many years of research and experience practicing in these capacities, qualifies me to offer a considered professional opinion, nothing less, on these matters.


On the other hand, the opinions you offer appear to me to be uninformed speculation at best. Such erroneous suppositions, clearly based on nothing more than a cursory examination of complex issues, offer no useful contribution or support to those whose lives have been seriously affected and often irreparably damaged by the illegal covert operations run by corrupt agencies of the government.


You mention Cisco Wheeler, in conjunction with myself. For the record, to my knowledge, based on her writings and public talks, Cisco Wheeler's background is very different from my own. And in my considered professional opinion, the man using the name Fritz Springmeyer (whose real name is Arthur Alexander Jr.) who co-authored several books with Wheeler, is a charlatan. My opinion is shared by quite a few professional researchers on mind control and its survivors.

In any case, since Geral Sosbee is in fact an individual targeted for political persecution and NOT a survivor of MK Ultra or similar programs, I can't imagine why you insist that he "needs" to be placed in contact with Wheeler, as her writings and experiences have no real bearing on Geral's situation. It is not my intent to denigrate Ms. Wheeler in any way, these are merely my observations.


I also find your adherence to, and apparent support of, a rigid hierarchical structure of operations disturbing, as well as your presumption that Geral lacks the capacity to function effectively as an individual, outside the strictures and limitations of a pyramidal chain of command. On the contrary, it is precisely BECAUSE Geral has the rare abilities to think critically FOR HIMSELF --and to operate independently of such a hierarchical model--and because he does NOT conform to the consensus mode of thought and behavior, that he is able to clearly perceive truths which elude those with the conformist/ 'good soldier' mentality.


INDIVIDUAL rights and INDIVIDUAL freedoms are what people such as Geral Sosbee are fighting to defend and preserve. Throughout the course of history, it has been the INDIVIDUALS whose vision has been untainted by a restrictive 'herd mentality'; religious indoctrination; and party-line politics, who have made the greatest contributions which have served to uplift humanity, and nearly always, at great personal sacrifice.

Shame on you, Mr. Stewart, for your narrow-minded and pretentious attitude. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Geral Sosbee has earned the respect of all those who truly understand his work, by standing up for what is right, even if at times he stands alone. For this, at the very least, he deserves the appreciation and support of all those who love freedom and who serve the interests of justice.

Barbara Hartwell

November 11, 2002

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

--Albert Einstein


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