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fromDivision, Criminal <>

togeral sosbee <>

dateMon, Oct 26, 2009 at 3:20 PM

subjectRE: what are you girls doing, as the nation disintegrates <>

Thank you for your e-mail to the Department of Justice regarding Turner Publishing Company. We appreciate the time you took to share your views with us. Those of us who are involved in criminal justice and law enforcement benefit greatly from the active involvement of citizens, such as yourself, who express their thoughts on important issues in these fields. Accordingly, you may wish to express your views on this matter to your congressional representatives.

Again, the Department of Justice appreciates the confidence which prompted you to write us.


From: geral sosbee []

Sent: Thu 8/6/2009 12:37 PM

To:;;;; Division, Criminal;

Subject: what are you girls doing, as the nation disintegrates

fbi in dark alliance with Turner Publishing Company, even as the fbi assassins continue their efforts to torture and kill this Target.

On August 5, 2009, Geral W. Sosbee discovers that Turner Publishing Company deletes from  public display on the internet a page from the book, Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI (1996) wherein Geral W. Sosbee is featured; also, Turner uses the word "false" in the on-line statement regarding the deletion, as follows:

Perhaps Turner would like to rewrite history, or cover up the dirty secrets of the fbi that Sosbee documents for the past decade. Note that the fbi and the US Army and others validated all data in the book prior to publication.

Turner Publishers previously entered the following favorable statements on page 11 regarding each agent featured in the book as follows:

"Turner Publishing Company is proud to have assisted the Society of Former Special Agents in compiling this volume of their history. The stories collected here, from the Bureau's history to the nearly 1,400 individual biographies, recount the courage, intelligence and integrity of those who have served in the most elite law enforcement organization in the land....Turner also would like to thank all former Special Agents and their families who contributed photographs, biographical or anecdotal material for the book...."

Today, Turner Publishing  abandons any semblance of integrity by deleting without explanation data on fbi whistleblower Geral W. Sosbee. This is no cause , Turner, to be proud of your underhanded deed.

 In any event, anyone who seeks to learn about the fbi punks, thugs and assassins, who continue their inhumane efforts to torture and kill this Target, cannot expect to benefit from publications which distort the truth and slander reporters. The fbi has found a loyal friend and satanic ally in Turner Publishing.

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