The following is a personal and private e-mail that Sosbee sent to a supporter on March 21, 2002 . The message is printed here for the record:


Thank you for your question. I have no way of knowing how many others are in this situation. I suspect that no one else is in the exact same dire nightmarish existence that I face on a continual basis daily. Indeed, I may be the only former fbi agent (or cia agent) in history to be so aggressively retaliated against for my taking well-documented reports of fbi/cia fraud, corruption and treasonous conduct directly to Congress, the United States Supreme Court, the People of the United States, and now the People of the world. My reports are corroborated with compelling evidence (inside the fbi) which cannot be dealt with honestly by these two agencies; therefore their agents, operatives, thugs and assassins must silence me. I know of no other fbi agent who has survived terrorist assaults as I have (for 4 years) with such a monumental case against the fbi/cia. I am not proud of my efforts to destroy the fbi/cia for their murderous ways; this is my duty and I am saddened by the prospect that I must now show the world that my country is a fiendish fraud, both on the world at large and on Humanity for allowing the fbi/cia to continue their atrocities. I plan to live for many years, even while the fbi and the cia continue their assaults and mind games against me. Someday, the record that I now present will be eagerly accepted by a nation and a world that must inevitably come to grips with the fundamental issues associated with governmental corruption and human suffering. I will probably not be around to witness such an awakening, but I know that such a phenomenon will occur and I trust that the world and its inhabitants will be the better for such a re-engineering of civilization that I envision. Of course all of this speculation assumes that the world will survive long enough to come to its senses. I give credit to others alive today who also live with similar terrorist retaliation by the fbi/cia; indeed, I draw some of my strength from their warm assistance and reassurance. Again, thank you for your astute interest in this matter and for your occasional queries of my humble opinion. Geral

From Harlingen, Texas
December 22, 2009

The 'supporter' referenced on this page in the message dated March 21, 2002 is the creator of the site called:

On Sosbee's month and day of birth (August 30) in the year 2007, she or one acting on her behalf deleted (by a so-called 'update') from her site all reference to Sosbee; notice that the blank space wherein Sosbee's photo and other supportive data previously appeared (about half way down the page, under the words," In God We Trust! APFN") is now followed by the words:

                             "This page was last updated on: August 30, 2007"

 [This information is submitted for the record, as Sosbee believes that the fbi assassins influenced witewillow (an otherwise and originally well intentioned woman) in a politically motivated smear effort against Sosbee.]    

Note that the witewillow message on her site  as follows is therefore seen as contradictory & invalid as it urges,

 "Wake Up America":


May 4, 2006

May 4, 2006

Note that the fbi synthesized kidney stone (being formed within my kidney) would send me to the hospital twelve hours after the above photo was taken.



Geral, July 4, 2009

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Geral Sosbee January 9 2015