Geral Sosbee writes from Brownsville, Texas, February 1, 2005 :


Regarding item number five above I hereby confirm that Hartwell has never visited me in Brownsville, Texas, or in any other locale, and that (much to my chagrin) I have never had the honor to meet Barbara Hartwell in person.


Sosbee writes from Brownsville, Texas, October 15, 2005:


Recently I have tried to determine the identity of a person who claims to be one J T Fodder and who gives his address as JTFodder @yahoo.com. The reason that I wanted to identify the person is that he continued to harass me on the new civ message board where I eventually had to prevent all responses due to his harassing posts. I suspected that Fodder is Todd Fahey; a communication was sent from Brownsville, Texas, to the Fodder address. A few days later, Sosbee received the following site meter visitation from an anonymous individual in Korea; note that Fahey teaches in Korea; also note that the visitor made reference to the Hartwell article called, "Retrospective On A Man Of Dishonor" (as shown in the following entry by the word html#RETROSPECTIVE). On one occasion Fahey made the false statement that Hartwell moved to Brownsville, Texas, to share an apartment with Sosbee; Sosbee did not understand why Fahey would make such an easily verifiable false statement. Now, partially as a result of the site meter entry below, Sosbee concludes that Fahey is angry at Sosbee for allowing Hartwell to post the html#RETROSPECTIVE article on the Sosbee website. The above represents the opinion of Sosbee and is not written to disparage any person. The entry:


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