pete sessions

From Brownsville, Texas

August 23, 2004


As a result of Sosbee's recent contact with media and with pete sessions and others, the fbi intensifies assaults against Sosbee. The sleep deprivation (using directed energy) continues around the clock for several months and the psyops expands with screws in the tires, stalking and threats (like the one summarized below), etc. Sosbee then sends the following message to sessions (and subliminally to the fbi punks):


After my last message to you, the fbi thugs intensified their assaults on me on your behalf. You are now a full fledged mental dwarf (defined on my site) and for as long as I live I will label you as such to anyone who wants to hear about your cowardly link to the terrorists of the fbi and the cia. Your father is a criminal and you are following in his footsteps.

For each assault on me by the fbi and the cia torturers I will contact a hundred people about the FRAUD that you represent. Geral Sosbee


The subliminal threat mentioned above is sent to me by the fbi via e-mail which was deleted from my files by the fbi after I read it. The message read in part that "You should make your burial plans now".