March 20, 2003

NOTE: When I did a check on "genuity.net" I got what you see below. It is a bit strange. For one thing there is no city in the first address.

Registrant: Genuity, Inc. (GENUITY2-DOM) 4041 N. Central Avenue Suite 400 null, US

Domain Name: GENUITY.NET

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

Genuity (BNOC) care@GENUITY.COM

Genuity 235 Presidential Way Woburn, MA 01888 USA

Site meter reflecting the 'Genuity' entries:


From Brownsville, Texas

March 20, 2003

Meanwhile M1 continues his efforts to prevent/discourage T from the use of the computer at the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas. During the past few days as T enters the library, M1, again relocates himself behind T and as T is leaving the library, M1 cleverly attempts to incite T into a verbal exchange; T, aware that M1 is acting in a manner consistent with the definitive mesomorphic type's obsession with control, simply exits the library after a brief stop-off at the IRS form table where M1 is now perched. On a separate occasion and not one positively associated with M1, T enters the library and notices that someone has opened a pornographic window on the computer screen; T notices that M1, a few feet away, at that precise moment engages a passer-by in a contrived conversation which necessitates that M1 turn his back to T. Again, this conduct by M1 might simply represent his usual non-productive conduct in the library and he may in fact have no relationship to the pre-setting of the porno window on the screen of the computer that T usually accesses.

However, T speculates that M1 now employs in his own little war against T all of the high tech gadgetry that is available to him in efforts to cause the University to order T out of the library permanently. T is actually amused at M1's little games as they are childish in comparison with those employed by professional terrorists and assassins in the fbi and in the cia.

From Brownsville, Texas March 20, 2003

T notes that over the past few days the fbi renews its terror attacks in full force against him. One such assault is described as follows: The fbi enters T's car, retrieves the spare key which T previously hid (as the fbi watched in real time on their wireless surveillance camera in T's car); then, apparently, the fbi thugs use that key to rip a large hole in T's new cotton shirt. When T returns to the car, he finds the spare key on the floor board and he discovers the shirt ripped apart in the back seat. T is heartened that the fbi and the cia assassins now understand that T does not take orders from thugs and terrorists.

From Brownsville, Texas

February 10, 2004

M1 is hereby identified as Joel Hector Chirinos, The University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas. All statements about M1 and other similarly identified witnesses in this website are the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and are not intended to allege any offense against Joel Hector Chirinos who (when Sosbee first met with him) was helpful and congenial. Furthermore, as Geral W. Sosbee is under great stress any activities of persons identified/described in this website may represent perfectly normal conduct and the reader is cautioned to make no adverse assumptions, unless the reader wants to make such assumptions against Geral W. Sosbee.
From Brownsville, Texas March 20, 2003
T notes that over the past few days the fbi renews its terror attacks in full force against him. One such assault is described as follows: The fbi enters T's car, retrieves the spare key which T previously hid (as the fbi watched in real time on their wireless surveillance camera in T's car); then, apparently, the fbi thugs use that key to rip a large hole in T's new cotton shirt. When T returns to the car, he finds the spare key on the floor board and he discovers the shirt ripped apart in the back seat. T is heartened that the fbi and the cia assassins now understand that T does not take orders from thugs and terrorists.

From Brownsville, Texas March 26, 2003

New subliminal message from the fbi to T: March 25 , 2003 site meter shows the above entry:


This is the same IP address frequently used by T at a business location where the officers are all friendly to T and who are all aware of the fbi efforts to silence T. At the very moment that T was in the IP store location, the fbi or their operatives accessed the computer (at 5:20 PM) from the very same IP address in order to send the same subliminal message that was sent at 4:30 PM (as shown above) at the same IP address and at a time when T was not in the store. The manager and employees of the store were notified by T (at about 5:15 PM) of this possible threat to file a police report on T for some unknown/fabricated alleged offense at that IP address location. Also, the store manager notifies T this date that the fbi entered the store about a week (or 2) ago to do some photocopying/banner work; T surmises that the fbi may have planted in the store their wireless surveillance technology in order to monitor T. The fbi continues its efforts to set up fraudulently conceived and illegally carried out stings against T in efforts to silence this T once and for all. IMHO. Geral Sosbee

Shortly after T attempts to document the above information regarding the subliminal messaging efforts by the fbi, T receives the following possible subliminal message via the website; note that the statement of mind games may be intended to tell T that all of his activity to document the implied threats of "Sosbee...Police Reports" (i.e. police reports to be filed against T consistent with previous threats to "inevitably arrest T") are simply the result of mind games being played on him this date by the fbi. The mind game entry follows:

When one clicks on the domain, one sees the following :

Found "intellectual games - Mind Control"


Hive Mind Mind Games

Studies On Mind Control

Cult and Ritual Mind Control Tactics in Satanism

Mind Games 99

Calendar Live - Playing 'Mind' Games

In other words T deduces that the fbi successfully played a mind game on T this date as set forth in this update which is difficult to post because of the incredible "genuity" that the fbi thinks characterize their psyops as herein reported. IMHO.

However, T is generally uplifted by this experience because of the mental gymnastics needed to document same; in any event T is actually exhilarated in his efforts to capture this type of fbi activity which, if comprehensible to the reader, shows the nature of fbi perversions and T's efforts and ability to counter same. If T be incorrect in any assumptions (as set forth above in this update) T is nevertheless grateful for the opportunity to vent. IMHO. Geral Sosbee

A few minutes after T scrambles to document the events of this date, the fbi sends T the following e-mail:

The New Antidepressant Do You Suffer from Depression, Bipolar or Mood Swings?

Intense psychotronics used against T all night.

April 12, 2003
From Brownsville, Texas

T notices a lull in hostilities over the past few days (except for possible psychotronics); then, T receives a cryptic message consistent with the cessation of overt assaults, as follows:

T receives the following non- message from a nonexistent sender:

T is increasingly committed to his work to destroy the fbi and the cia (in an intellectual sense) and T believes that the little ones ( i.e., the mds) are beginning to see the light put upon their little frames by T around the clock and around the world.

Best Wishes To All. Geral Sosbee

Special Notation from Geral Sosbee regarding My Story In Detail:

April 15, 2003

The fbi, cia and other agencies of government focus their efforts against most Targets in three primary areas of personal conduct:


If the fbi can burden the Target with unmanageable stress (as a result of the program to neutralize) then in most instances the Target will make an error in judgment and be arrested on criminal or civil complaints. Society at large has no idea that the Targets of such fbi/cia operations have just endured (prior to the Targets' arrest) a gauntlet of sophisticated assaults, both physical and mental and that years of fbi psyops, psychotronics, assaults and mind control efforts culminated in the collapse of the Target. However, if the Target manages to stay alive and to fight back, then the fbi gathers a nice little collection of fabricated evidence in order to prevent any outsider or media firm from interfering with the efforts to silence/kill the Target. This kind of carefully designed blackmail insures that the Target will be portrayed in the worst possible light as he tries to survive the plight and again, few will suspect that the Target has suffered a kind of neurosis from years of terror at the hands of the fbi/cia. Geral Sosbee

On April 10-11, 2003 the fbi mental dwarfs resume and intensify harassment techniques by home and car invasions (and tamperings therein), particularly tearing up T's clothes, disabling small appliances, applying psychotronics against T and repeatedly locking (& unlocking) the car doors to T's car.

April 2003

Quote of The Month:
From Barbara Hartwell

He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall
his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without
remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an
abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed
innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are
swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one
who sows discord among brethren.

Prov. 6:14-19

Dedicated to the following liars and sowers of discord:

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick

Tim White

Larry Lawson

Shirley Anderson

Ken Adachi

Ted L. Gunderson

Doug Millar

Charles Bruce Stewart

Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra

And to all their co-conspirators, the other malicious cowards and liars who hide
behind screen names and computer keyboards, writing libelous and harassing messages
about me, my family, professional colleagues and friends. May you all reap as you have sown.....


From Brownsville, Texas

April 12, 2003

T directs the readers' attention to a recent update at Part 5, My Story, dated February 20, 2003, part B, where T reported fbi efforts to lure T into the office of an fbi operative dentist for the purpose of removing the tracking device in T's right jaw.

T now discovers that at around the same time members of the scientific community were busy in efforts to verify T's reports of such a tracking device as evidenced in part by the brain scan and personal testimony of T.

In apparent confirmation of T's reports the following entry was made (by someone other than T) on the internet on February 26, 2003, shortly after the fbi's puny but elaborate efforts to remove the tracking device from the person of T; this entry tends to confirm T's idea that the fbi thugs, terrorists and cowardly assassins are frightened because now the support for T takes on a renewed scientific /political dimension:

Sosbee is Targeted and implanted: www.sosbeevfbi.com

(the above link is no longer active)

[ Follow Ups ] [ Post Follow-up ] [ Discussion Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by geral sosbee ( on February 26, 2003 at 16:07:04: ...

From Brownsville, Texas

April 15, 2003

Death threats, psychotronic assaults, etc., continue against Geral Sosbee as the fbi and the cia become increasingly concerned that their crimes against Humanity and their evil/despicable culture is about to be spotlighted worldwide permanently.

Special note: T notices a change in the type of psychoelectronics directed against him as of April 13, 2003, as follows: the previous tone was a near constant high pitch which was intense and which caused ear aches in the left ear, generalized head ache and sleep deprivation; now, the new weaponry used against T is less audible, causes mild headache, right facial tenderness, plus sleep deprivation and T falls into a light sleep throughout the early hours of the morning (2 AM - 7 AM); T speculates that the fbi is now experimenting on T with a wide variety of weaponry and in the context of the re-newed death threats against T, the fbi may be using the forbidden microwave technology. However, T is in good spirits and is privileged to present this update. Geral Sosbee

From Brownsville, Texas

April 17, 2003

Over the past few days the fbi terrorists repeatedly enter T's residence and tear up clothing items, especially focusing upon those items that T repaired after previous damage perpetrated by the fbi mds. Also, T notices continued and nightly psychotronics of an intense kind; then, on April 16, 2003, the fbi sends T the following reminder (in the form of a subliminal suggestion via trigger words/phrases) that the fbi can not only bombard T with sleep deprivation assaults with total impunity, but can also flaunt the tactic by sending the following message to T:


The above message reaches T at the same time of day that T accesses his site at the public library. T is worn down as a result of recent sleep deprivation assaults and the fbi assassins seek to capitalize on T's weakened condition by sending the above message intended to further demoralize him by reminding T that increased sleep deprivation via psychoelectronic bombardment continues. T is aware that the above zero minute visitation to the increased sleep deprivation page on part 4 (My Story) could be coincidental and may not be related to the fbi; however, this tactic of sending T a message immediately following an assault (whether physical or mental) is a popular technique associated with psyops. Also, the fbi enjoys watching T attempt to document these subtle assaults because T must exert effort to do so and this means that with each new update to the site, T is further controlled by the fbi terrorists to the extent that T's time, effort and money are spent in efforts to document theses presumed attacks.

May 5, 2003

From Brownsville, Texas

Special Update Intelligence Data

T notices this date that United States government agencies (i.e.: FDA and the FAA, inter alia ) actively respond to some of these updates especially as the operations of the Shadow Government (fbi/cia) may interfere with normal government activities, or such fbi/cia operations pose a threat to the credibility of some of this nation's most trusted agencies. For example, just after T reported the repeated poisonings of his food by the fbi's assassins (using viral infections or other biological agents) the FDA visited the www.sosbeevfbi.com; since that visit by the FDA to this site, the fbi has ceased the plantings of viral/biological agents into T's food.

Most recently T reported on December 20, 2002 and on February 20, 2003, respectively, that the tracking device in T set off the security alarm at the public library and caused the fbi to attempt to lure T into the office of an fbi Dentist/Operative in the Brownsville, Texas, area for the purpose of removing the tracking device from the person of T. The fbi had also caused the tracking device in T to set off the security alarm at Los Angeles International Airport. Now, T learns that the FAA or other government agencies are alarmed that the fbi's tracking device planted in the bodies of those individuals targeted for death (such as T) may interfere with security precautions designed to protect the United States from terrorists' attacks.

The real issue which the FAA, FDA and other agencies of the United States should be concerned with is as follows: The fbi and the cia thugs and assassins stop at nothing to kill selected Targets; this means that airplanes falling out of the sky might have been targeted by the intelligence services in order accomplish some international or political objective; further, the satellite tracking devices planted into the Targets who are on board a given flight are fully capable of sending confusing or disruptive electronic signals to the flight cockpit crew who have no idea where such interference originates or the purposes for same. Finally, the use of chemical and biological agents against large numbers of people is well within the fbi/cia mode of operation in their efforts to kill one or two persons within a large group of otherwise non-targeted individuals.

May 6, 2003

From Brownsville, Texas

On the evening of May 5, 2003, after the fbi learns of the update regarding the FDA and the FAA, the mental dwarfs swing into action against T as follows: Enter T's residence and disable the patio door so that T will notice an invasion upon his arrival home; then the fbi thugs steal a patio door locking mechanism, so that as T makes his way into the residence T notices yet another sign of home invasion; then, as T proceeds to the bedroom T notices that the fbi damaged the venetian blinds by smashing them and bending them out of shape; finally, T discovers that the mental dwarfs also enter the closet and slice the left rear pocket of T's slacks so that T's wallet might fall out on the next occasion to don the slacks. Regarding the update for May 5, 2003, T notes that the federal agencies such as FAA, FDA, Military Intelligence, OSD, Social Security, etc., are all watching the fbi terror campaign to silence T (as a kind of ongoing soap opera); occasionally the representatives from these and other agencies voice objections to the fbi impingement over their turf/authority/jurisdiction (such as for example, fbi interference with airport security and and fbi plantings of viral infections in selected Targets). However, these objections are short lived; no real, legitimate or viable murmur is maintained by these agencies against the fbi/cia because the bureaucrats fear that their job security might be in peril if they press for Congressional investigation. Thus, the United States government is largely paralyzed by fear at any moment that the fbi/cia assert their authority. The national security of the United States is thus in the hands of the cowards in these federal agencies and the assassins of the fbi/cia; as T has previously pointed out all such persons are mental dwarfs as defined on this site (www.sosbeevfbi.com) and all are responsible for the collapse of the United States into a totalitarian regime which cannot be allowed to stand. T meanwhile is in excellent spirits (despite recent intense poisonings and fbi efforts to prevent habituation) and T is as always privileged to present this update.

Merriam-Webster defines 'totalitarian' as :

... relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation especially by coercive measures (as censorship and terrorism).

From Brownsville, Texas

May 7, 2003

Death threats and threats of imprisonment increase against T by the fbi mental dwarfs and their minions. While this is now commonplace and has been reported by T previously, the primary purpose for this update is to now document the following additional fact:The fbi and the cia are poor sports and bad losers; even when T plays by the rules set forth by the lowest form of human intellect, even as the fbi and the cia hooligans show their low nature (in their cowardly psychological attacks on and poisonings of T) -and all the while T simply reports the truth to the world in these updates- the fbi cannot accept the reality that this particular Target defeats them. Nevertheless, the fbi has seen its finest hour and has yet to reap the sour harvest it has sewn over the last half century. The demise of the fbi is at hand and this T is heartened that he has served no small role in this tremendous accomplishment. Geral Sosbee

From Brownsville, Texas

May 11, 2003

fbi thugs and mental dwarfs (as defined on this site www.sosbeevfbi.com) continue their deviltry as summarized below:

24/7 surveillance uninterrupted since about March, 1998, including electronic wireless technology and teams of usually two (but as many as ten thugs men and women) at any given time. Psyops and psychotronics are employed daily, particularly as a part of conditioned response and operant conditioning techniques as previously mentioned in these updates.

For example: On the day of May 9, 2003, T attempts social/intimate relations in his residence; fbi psychopaths observe T in real time; the next morning the fbi tampers with T's vehicle by altering the locks, vandalizing the vehicle or stealing small parts therefrom. These minor offenses are intended to alert T that he is behaving in an unacceptable manner and that more poisonings, home invasions and other terrorist treats are coming his way soon. Another tactic used by the fbi to alert T that his activities now bring renewed hostile attacks by the mds is the use of e-mail (or other messaging techniques); so, at the same time that the fbi delivers the above described messages, the psycho-terrorists of the fbi/cia send T numerous porno e-mails. As T has previously documented, this type of government activity by the very agency (agencies) charged with the responsibility of protecting and defending the United States Constitution (and the Rights of individual liberties delineated therein) reflects the broader philosophy of the fascist/totalitarian regime of the United States which seeks to control the world now and for all time through the use of inhumane methodology as described in this and related sites.

From Brownsville, Texas

May 16, 2003

T learns this date that on May 15, 2003, at about 7:30 PM, an individual meeting the description of M1 (previously described in these updates as an employee of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, Library) entered the Brownsville, Texas, Public Library, approached the head librarian on duty and stated as follows: "I work at the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, Library. Do you know Geral Sosbee; the fbi has been making inquiry about him at the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, Library; has Geral Sosbee been causing any problem here - are you sure that Geral Sosbee has caused no problem here?"

The above information confirms earlier suggestions in these updates that officials of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, are actively assisting the fbi in efforts to silence or neutralize T. M1 and his cowardly brethren are hereby identified as the additional focus/directed recipients of the above quoted message from Barbara Hartwell which reads in part :

"He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord".

From Brownsville, Texas

May 19, 2003

As Of May 17, 2003, Campus Police of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, are now summoned to the library at the precise moment that T visits the campus library. Then as T is leaving, the police officer hurriedly re-enters his patrol car apparently changing his mind about entering the library (after he spots T) and the officer then proceeds to the parking meter a block away to see if T paid the meter. Then, T leaves the campus, but first waves a friendly greeting to the police. T also notices that the police or other official at the library visit www.sosbeevfbi.com as follows on this date:

3 REFLAB71 2:23:15 pm 4 41:00

The police seem particularly interested in the page entitled, "Sosbee Defeats fbi/cia". This law enforcement activity further confirms that the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, actively assists the fbi (at the behest of M1 and others) in efforts to intimidate T. Their little antics do not deter T.

However, T is surprised that the campus police at the university are now engaged in a cowardly and unlawful stalking campaign in efforts to both cover up their own professional incompetence and to assist the fbi terrorists as set forth in some of these updates.

T also learns this date that the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, is presently involved in a cover up of theft/fraud/embezzlement of funds about a year ago by a high ranking university official (close to the President of the university) who was recently released from employment at the university in order to avoid an embarrassing and costly criminal investigation. The official who took the money (a sum of about $100,000) was partially responsible for obtaining favorable treatment from the Coca Cola Bottling Corporation in all university vending operations in return for a type of exclusive marketing efforts. In return for the favorable and lucrative contract the Coca Cola Bottling Corporation paid a kick back to the official who pocketed the money. This felony and subsequent cover-up was never reported to the police or to the fbi mental dwarfs because the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, is now in secret contract talks with Coca Cola Bottling Corporation and that over the next several years the university stands to profit by several million dollars in unethical and possibly illegal (under the table) pay-offs and kickbacks; under the circumstances mentioned above such a scheme is possibly illegal as a continuing scheme to defraud the students, patrons of the university, the general public and the State of Texas. In My Humble Opinion.

The campus police at the University of Texas at Brownsville now are on notice of the criminal activity mentioned above; however, the campus police are more concerned with intimidating T (as reported in this update) than with doing their more proper police work. This update does not represent legal advice. Geral Sosbee.

If the Campus Police of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, were not aware of the embezzlement of funds described above, then the police are ignorant , incompetent, and dangerous; if they are aware (and they should be if T is able to so easily obtain the facts of the possible crime) then the police on campus are corrupt and criminal. T suspects that other irregularities in the police finances (including the confiscation and seizure program) might reflect actual participation by the campus police -and by the university legal advisor to the police - in an illegal/unethical appropriation of funds. The fbi will not investigate the campus police in part because the police are assisting the fbi in harassing T. The fbi routinely ignores such felonious actions because the fbi itself is corrupt and felonious in its operations. In My Humble Opinion. This does not represent legal advice.

Geral Sosbee

As of May 18, 2003, 5 PM, the fbi continues its full array of assaults on T, including psyops and psychotronics. These operations also involve home invasions and tamperings therein as well as manipulations of T's vehicle and personal belongings. Shortly after T notifies the webmaster of the update regarding the corrupt and inept campus police at the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, (and the embezzlement of funds at the university) the fbi swings into action against T by reminding T that the death contract is in full force against T. Meanwhile, the campus police at the university intensify their silly efforts to show T that he is under observation every time T enters the campus. For T this is most gratifying as evidence grows to support T's assertion that the police state blossoms well in the totalitarian regime that is the United States of America. This update is sent from the campus of the University of Texas at Brownsville.

Geral Sosbee

On May 19, 2003, T enters the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, library and notes the following:

M1, now a full fledged md, emboldened by the support of the campus police who stalk and harass T at every opportunity, resumes his assaultive gestures and soon thereafter disappears into a back room; T notes that the campus police are once again on hand to assist M1 in any manner allowable under the law. However, the activities of these employees are violations of state laws (on stalking) and also contravene the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights. All such legal issues are now irrelevant to the mds because the fbi lends its imprimature to the unlawful conduct described in these updates. Of course all of the low maneuvers of these individuals confirm previously described MOs of M1 and his md companions: the cowards of the university staff call out the assassins of the police force in efforts to find a way to prevent T from entering the facility. IMHO.

Geral Sosbee.

From Brownsville, Texas

May 21, 2003

T learns this date that the fbi office in Brownsville, Texas, is officially investigating Geral W. Sosbee for the following reason:

"We (the fbi) are worried about Geral". The recent activity of the fbi includes efforts to find basis in criminal or civil law to arrest T. In pursuit of this objective the fbi contacts numerous individuals and agencies with whom T has had even minimal contacts over the past year in Brownsville, Texas. As previously reported the fbi uses M1 and the campus police of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, in efforts to provoke T into some type of defensive conduct. Now, the fbi contacts previous landlords of boarding houses and apartments where T stayed; the fbi even converts a local business person into a fbi informant who is instructed to befriend T and to report to the fbi any statements made by T.The difficulty that the fbi has is that their informants and operatives (sent to harass/neutralize T) are mds, half wits, or minions who, like their Handlers, are out of touch with reality. The few intelligent persons contacted by the fbi and their operatives see right through the charade that the fbi presents. T is heartened that the fbi is now more desperate than ever to silence T and this increased effort to remove T from society reflects the great success of www.sosbeevfbi.com worldwide.

Geral Sosbee.

From Brownsville, Texas

May 26, 2003

On May 21, 2003, T does not enter the university library as T recognizes that M1 is ready to call the police again if T visits the facility. As previously reported in these updates M1 and the campus police are now co-opted by the fbi to find a fraudulent way in either criminal or civil law to have T arrested. T surmises that corrupt civil process is the tool that M1 now hopes to employ in his low assignment to help imprison and ultimately kill T. As in the past M1 (presumably) repeatedly visits www.sosbeevfbi.com on May 21, 2003, as a kind of invitation for T to come to the university library; if T were to visit the library computer bank, the campus police and M1 would again present a complaint to a local fascist judge who eventually would order the arrest of T for "observation". The following site meter entry dated May 21, 2003, shows a number of visits presumably by M1 under the Domain Name REFLAB71 to www.sosbeevfbi.com; note that most of his visits to the site are short and reflect a motive other than academic:

Finally, over the past week the fbi goes all-out to find a way to arrest T or to find a way to force T to respond in haste or to run. One such method is to insure that a former friend of T contact T and invite him to flee the abuse. This friendly overture occurs at the same time that the fbi, M1, the campus police and others are openly slandering, assaulting and otherwise harassing T everywhere T goes. The ongoing psyops, surveillance, non-consensual cover research and psychotronics are full force against T as follows: fbi mds enter T's residence and tamper with the plumbing under the kitchen sink, so that all of the water from the faucet now pours onto the floor. The mds also send a message to T prior to the tampering that something is amiss: the mds rearrange items near the sink to cause T to notice irregularities prior to the vandalism of the sink's plumbing.

























Return to 911 can easily revisit USA, as
fbi and  cia incompetence and corruption continue










































See crimes and coverups by University of Texas Police at a different campus:



May 26, 2003

Each morning that M1 arrives at the university library he continues the above described implied invitations for T to come to the Reference Lab to use the computer in order that M1 may again call the campus police (the apiring assassins) in efforts to arrest T. Below are the two entries of M1 (apparently) who arrives at the library at about the same time each workday (around 8:30 AM) as shown in the site meter logs below. REFLAB71 is the domain name for the Reference lab at the university.The date on the first entry is May 22, 2003.


From Brownsville, Texas ...

June 9, 2003

fbi sends female operative to assault T at the parking lot of Surise Shopping mall, Brownsville, Texas, during the past week. On hand were two professional fbi witnesses ready to observe T's response to the operative's effort to spit on T. This incident was reported to mall security.

Also, M1 of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, continues his visits to www.sosbeevfbi.com each day as reminder that he, M1, has won a victory over T and that M1 can now flaunt his great achievement. M1 has no clue that the sources of his sickness are his limited mental capacity and his complete moral disorientation. Below are M1's footprints (REFLAB71) on www.sosbeevfbi.com on June 4,5,& 6, 2003 (respectively):


The fbi terror campaign continues in full force even though the Target has in the main overcome the effects of years of fbi/cia psyops and related war games. The demented antics of the fbi and M1 on the campus of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville, Texas, in concerted efforts with the campus police to find a way to arrest T reflect the great success of this website worldwide and also spotlight the ability of T to survive and prosper (intellectually) under adverse circumstances.

Meanwhile sosbee appeals refusal of MSPB and OPM to return the $10,000 stolen from him by the fbi in 1978; the case is now pending as shown below:

Federal Circuit Argument Calendar

... Panel H, Courtroom 203 O2-3275 CASPARY V HHS [argued] O2-1586 CHEMREX

PANELFOLD [argued] O3-1100 LML INTL V WAL-MART STORES [argued] O3-3057 SOSBEE V MSPB ...

June 10, 2003

Court arbitrarily thwarts Sosbee's appeal


11:00 A.M.



MSPB Per Curiam Affirmed

From Brownsville, Texas

June 18, 2003

fbi mds continues full array of terror assaults on T including the following:

On the evenings of June 15,16, 2003, fbi bombards T with ELF waves (apparently) for the purpose of continuing the sleep deprivation in a conditioned response and operant conditioning program still being employed against T. Then, on June 17, T notices the following entry on the site meter which tends to remind T that increased sleep deprivation is in fact being use again:


This type of messaging is a popular tool used by the fbi and the cia against the Targets of their murder plots. First T is led to expect assaults of different types; then, the actual assaults (both physical and psychological) occur; then, the fbi sends T a notice that he has just been assaulted with a particular type of mental or physical torture. The messaging to T is accomplished by e-mail, by site meter entries (such as the one above) and in person by fbi goon squad members. T meanwhile seeks to overcome the effects of such terror games by any means available to him. Sleep deprivation is sometimes difficult to overcome for obvious reasons.

Geral Sosbee

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