Addition to the above information: Immediately after this update the fbi rips off the sosbeevfbi decal from T car.


From South Padre Island, Texas


November 12, 2002


T, wounded emotionally from the effects of recent psyops, reaches out in efforts to join forces with a Key Supporter. fbi terrorists seize the opportunity to strike T repeatedly during his weakness: During the days and evening of November 10-11, 2002, fbi thugs enter T's car, go through his personal belongings, remove prescriptive medicine (used to counter poisonings) and place the medicine on the seat of T's vehicle as though to suggest to T that he will need the medicine if he attempts any meaningful liaison with another human being; the mental dwarfs also repeatedly enter T's car while T is away momentarily and tamper with the settings, using also their remote control unit to frequently send alarm/alert beeps to T during this period.


These antics are the more significant now to T who notes the complete abandon of fbi thugs of any semblance of human decency, as T often sleeps in his car and struggles with the continuing effects of fbi psyops against him. Tampering with and theft of T's mail continues. However, T is heartened to learn that his work (to stay alive and to update the site) has the fbi on the run; running and slinging their mud are their most characteristic traits. Attempted stings cleverly (but insanely) choreographed continue against T. CHEERIO. Geral


From South Padre Island, Texas


November 14, 2002


fbi thugs place viral bacteria in fruits and vegetables that T has in car. On November 12, 2002, T experiences the following symptoms: stomach cramps all day, alternating sweat and chills later (just a few hours before the following) severe bouts of vomiting during the evening until about midnight.


Note: Earlier in the day the fbi thugs send repeated messages to T via remote electronic car lock device (the messages were witnessed by T's acquaintance at Port Isabel, Texas); T now understands that the fbi meant to convey to T that he has just been poisoned.


On the bright side, T no longer has that bloated feeling; T's back pain decreased with the loss of weight from the vomiting (by reducing the pressure on the injured L-4-5 discs) and has this opportunity to share with the world the total lunacy and evil of the government of the United States of America. T is heartened by recent expressions of support from around the world. What an honor for T !


From Brownsville, Texas


November 14, 2002


T discovers the following entry at msn search engine (under "criminal brain scan"), showing an implied reference to T.


Brain Scan Of Sosbee
... which relies in part on the periventricular white matter around the brain for the ... CNCT
research, or he is the target of perverse and
criminal misapplication of ...
www.sosbeevfbi.com/brainscanofsosbe.html - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

From Brownsville, Texas


From Brownsville, Taxas


November 15, 2002


T sleeps in his car on November 13-14, 2002, and at 5 AM he drives his car to a nearby fast food restaurant in order to use the restroom; fbi mental dwarfs swing into action, having discussed their next move as they watched T in real time sleeping/awakening in his car: The thugs enter T's car during the two minutes that T is in the restroom; they reset the driver's seat to the incline-sleep position and tamper with the rear view mirror. This tampering, however, has a slightly different twist: Usually the fbi moves the rear view mirror vertically, so that T must adjust up or down in order to see via the rear view mirror; this time the thugs, ever eager to show their ingenuity to this recalcitrant Target, now move the mirror horizontally out of focus. T, sleepy and tired from recent psyops and poisonings, is grateful for the opportunity to report these events; for someday these reports will help to educate the world in the art of resisting the new war facing us all. The United States Of America Is The Leader Of The Inhumane Assault On Our Species.




Sosbee poses the following question: I was there when the United States Army needed me; where are you, boys & girls, when I need you ?




Sosbee submits that the real war facing all of mankind is the ongoing struggle to stop the fbi and the cia from a continuation of ("Caution: Adult Content") their crimes against Humanity; in this deadly and horrific battle the United States military is conspicuously derelict/Absent W/O Leave.*




* The cia and the fbi may deem that upon return from combat service the veteran's very existence is illegal, whereupon the military veteran may be tortured, denied lodging and generally hounded/abused as an human experimentee, as an alleged threat to public safety and as an unbalanced mind; (for more on "containment " programs click here) the military does nothing to discourage such abominable treatment, even though some of the technology used to terrorize the veteran (or other American citizen) may be controlled, sponsored or otherwise used by the United States military.

See my story in detail and click here for evidence of this.

Click here for more info in this regard.




From Brownsville, Texas


November 17, 2002


T notices a 24 hour cessation in harassment on the 15-16 of November; then, at about 1 PM on November 16, 2002, T (sosbee) sends webmaster a request to modify the Barbara Hartwell button on the homepage of www.sosbeevfbi.com; as T returns to his vehicle a few minutes later the fbi mental dwarfs swing into action by manipulating with a remote control device the acoustic warning and door locking mechanism on T's car ; the cowards customarily continue this activity throughout the day. This kind of fbi/cia terror-tactic appears to be a warning to the target that he is behaving in an unacceptable manner and that therefore future tortures (such as poisonings, etc.) are in store for T. T therefore works diligently to find a way to better offer assistance to Barbara Hartwell who is also targeted by the fbi/cia for extermination. The United States of America is defined by the fbi/cia activities which at once reflect the character and decadence of a nation in a kind of political and moral free fall.


I must ask, " who will take up the slack and carry the banner of freedom in the courageous manner that Barbara Hartwell does, after she is gone ?" and I must reply that , I know of no one with the style, fortitude and grace who could quite duplicate her vital work.

The fbi's absurd efforts to silence Sosbee and Hartwell are at once sinister and potentially deadly; yet Sosbee fully understands that the fbi and the cia are suffering great indigestion with every visit to these forbidden sites from around the world and Sosbee accepts the trade off of such success in return for his life (or at least his happiness). Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

November 19, 2002



Librarian Employee at the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, (hereinafter referred to as M1, as in Definitive Mesomorph 1) intensifies assaults on T (as follows) in efforts to provoke T into physical confrontation and to discourage T from use of library's computer :


Advise T that T is not allowed to mention his website to any employee of the library and that T is prohibited from discussing his website with any student at the university. Further that T may not use any computer in the library, except the catalog reference computer which requires that the user stand up during such use. Over the past few weeks M1 stands next to T and proclaims that M1 is a Judo expert, that the fbi is glorious in its work and that no one has the right to attack the fbi. On November 18, 2002, M1 prepares a little trap for T as follows: M1 has a student/friend sit next to the computer where T accesses T's website; M1 then assaults T with threatening gestures and as T asks M1 'what is the problem', M1's little friend jumps to his feet indicating he heard T speak and that the M1 witness/friend now stands ready to quote T as a provacateur in the library.


M1 and friend are hereby tentatively identified respectively as Joel Hector Chirinos (employee of the library) and student Kuo-Wei Chen (note : Chen is an innocent student, unaware of Chirinos' motives against T).


From South Padre Island, Texas


November 21, 2002

On the evening of Nov.19, 2002, the fbi sends a female operative to feign interest in T at the Brownsville Public Library; the operative states that T should flee the United States in order to survive, that any of the Arab countries would provide T with political asylum and that T's website would be his bona fides in any country of refuge where the nation of Israel is disliked.

On Nov. 20, 2002, T returns to his living quarters to shower at around 2 PM. During the time T is home (a two bedroom, two bath apartment he shares temporarily with a roommate, R1), T touches his mouthwash container and bottled water container. On the evening of Nov. 20, 2002, T returns home again and discovers that the mental dwarfs have been busy as follows: the little ones continue their tamperings (and cover research) by handling only those objects which T touched earlier that day (mouthwash and bottled water container). T reported this incident to R1 who then revealed to T that someone entered R1' s room this date also and tampered with personal item(s) therein. Subsequent to T's discussion with R1 (app.. 11 PM), T agrees to immediately seek new residence. T sleeps in his car for a few hours, but the psychotronics interfere with the efforts to sleep; so, T travels to South Padre Island to update the website.


Notice to fbi/cia terrorists: Don't you see, little ones, I have already discounted your ultimate evil deed against me; I plan to stay right here and hound you on the world-wide web and with my real life presence until Providence may otherwise allow. I have no interest in changing my living conditions because my great work is here in the good old US of A. Also, my little ones, re-read My Pledge; I couldn't abandon my work even if weakness moved me to do so because I honor my word to God, to my Father and to my countrymen (& to my global countrymen). Enjoy surfing the web, fellas. Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas


November 23, 2002


fbi resumes old tactic which was employed against T four years ago in Dallas, Texas: At about 7:30 PM fbi sends female operative or assets (under the control of a Handler) to engage T in meaningless conversation. The purpose of this psyop may be the same as that conceived by the fbi four years ago as reported by T in part One of My Story In Detail.

Car invasions and tamperings continue.


From Brownsville, Texas


November 27, 2002


fbi thugs prevent T from renting an apartment at several locations, two being in the 500 block of La Mancha and 800 block of East 12th street, Brownsville, Texas. the fbi monitors T's calls (and tracks T physically) as T tries to find sleeping quarters; then, the little ones contact the owner/manager of the rental unit, slander T and thereby prevent T from renting the unit. This has occurred repeatedly over the past four years and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is aware of this activity by the fbi.


fbi continues the remote control harassment by sending T an alert notice (by activating the electronic door locking device and beeping sound system) on T's car; the alerts are sent to T each time the fbi prevents T from renting a unit.

fbi also interferes with T's PCS by changing T's plan and by closing the account.


From South Padre Island, Texas


November 29, 2002


Recent attempted fbi stings:

1) As T pulls into parking lot at U.S. Post Office (in Brownsville, Texas) a young and attractive hispanic female happens along the side walk a few feet from T and as she turns her head to make eye contact with T she also put on a contrived smile; as T exits the car the impostor speaks rapidly in Spanish that she needs $35 for medicine for her son in Matamoras, Mexico, and that she will do anything T wants in exchange for the money to help her son. The female makes no effort to speak slowly in the Spanish language, assuming that T is fluent and can comprehend every word; T, an anglo with obvious difficulty in comprehending the female notices that she continues to speak in fast pace even as T indicates that he cannot understand her. A few minutes after this meeting, as T walks away, the fbi thugs send by remote control the usual beeping noise on T's car in apparent acknowledgment that a fraudulent and failed attempted sting was just conducted against T.


2) During the Fall semester T enrolls at the University of Texas at Brownsville, as a part time student. From time to time T makes use of the shower facility at the gymnasium, especially as T often sleeps in his car and seeks a shower the next morning. On or about the 25-26 th of November, 2002, T arrives at the gym at about 6:55 AM, and T notices an unusual occurrence: at this early hour a hispanic male is talking with a hispanic female in the main gym (both appeared to be employees of the gym/university). T entered the shower area and the male and the female observed T enter. However, as T had never seen such activity before, T waited in the ante room (just adjacent to the shower area) and observed the female enter the men's locker and shower area with no apparent purpose; T then exited the building and returned to his car to wait. Then, about ten minutes later (at approximately 7:05 AM) T returns to the shower area and observes the same female holding a cloth as though she were cleaning the mirrors in the men's shower area. The female is described as an hispanic, age 28, 5' 5", 135 lbs, attractive, wearing tight slacks, and sporting a friendly smile and greeting to T. The female remains in the men's shower area another five minutes after T arrives and then she leaves. T then showers. The fbi thugs who orchestrate such a game then lock and unlock the door to T's car as though to suggest to T that a fraudulent sting was just attempted against T.


Click here to see the terrorist inadvertent admission to the validity of the above report; note that the thug who contacted the woman described by T above confirms that in fact the woman had no legitimate purpose in the men's locker area at 7 AM, that her work as a cleaning woman was supposed to start at 7:30 AM.


From Brownsville, Texas


November 29, 2002


fbi cowards deliver new threat to T: "Stop, or suffer a head on traffic accident ".


Home and car surveillance and tamperings continue.


T is gratified to see that the traitorous assassins and cowards who run the present criminal regime of the United States government are caught in a quandary of their own demented making.
See "lessons learned", THIS WEB SITE.
Happy Holidays To All. Geral


From Brownsville, Texas


November 30, 2002


As T posts his new button and new page on the website regarding fbi/cia demystification and obsolescence, the fbi mental dwarfs enter T's car at the parking lot of the public library and reset the rear view mirror. T is gratified to see that his work moves the tormentors to once again engage in their inhumane trade. The failure of the President of the United States and of the Congress and the courts to address these reports confirms for the world to see (ultimately) that the United States of America is at once a fraud on the world body politic and a disgrace to humanity (i.e.: 24/7 electronic harassment/surveillance continues in full swing).


From Brownsville, Texas


December 1, 2002


T notices an increase in fbi harassment with multiple entries into T's car and residence and with simultaneous tamperings therein in any given day; for example, this date the little ones enter and tamper with T's car at each location where T parks his car.


Sosbee's speculation: fbi headquarters and their mental dwarf twin evil sisters at cia are increasingly concerned about world visitations to www.sosbeevfbi.com and the mirror sites and related links on the worldwide web. Further and perhaps more significantly at this juncture, Sosbee believes that the United States government has ordered the temporary halt in the initiation of new Targets domestically of fbi/cia murder contracts, at least until Sosbee is dead. After all, Sosbee speculates, " We (the fbi/cia) don't need another towering Target tinkering with our masterful intelligence apparatus".

Meanwhile, Sosbee is heartened beyond description at the possibility that his conjecture is fact.



From Brownsville, Texas


December 2, 2002


T makes a new acquaintance during a chance encounter with a charming hispanic female; shortly afterwards, the fbi mental dwarfs punish T for his attempts at socializing by locking and unlocking (via remote control) the door locks on T's car. This kind of psychological harassment, combined with the cover research and other terror tactics reminds T that his every move is monitored. Of course T also monitors the fbi's every move by publicizing them on the worldwide web for the sake of posterity.


From Brownsville, Texas


December 6, 2002


fbi terrorists observe T in real time (via wireless surveillance technology as previously reported on this site) as T drives his car. When temperatures dip to cold, T adjusts the car's ventilation controls to allow the heat to blow directly on T. As T is in the library the fbi enters T's car and reset the vents, pointing them away from T. This causes T to reflect on his activities just a few minutes earlier when T had adjusted the vents. The fbi does not tamper with any other items in the car. The fbi also enter T's residence on December 4, 2002 and punches holes in T's clothing. The destruction of T's clothing was repeatedly performed over the past four years.


These somewhat subtle tampering techniques coincide with efforts of the fbi to prevent T's habituation by allowing more time between assaults on T (using both the psychological operations and psychotronics).


Meanwhile the President of the United States pretends during his television appearances to be the protector of freedoms by saying that the U.S. is the "Liberator" of nations.


The fbi thugs are aware that T attempts to document in these updates the fbi's terrorist practices against T; and these mental dwarfs also realize that T's reports are often widely viewed with skepticism, especially when T attempts to describe incidents of the subtle type mentioned in this update.


From Brownsville, Texas


December 9, 2002


The torture and terror against T continues unabated during the holiday season. However, T is encouraged that his message is receiving more attention worldwide and that the evil and corrupt criminals who now run the United States are often sidetracked with reports that www.sosbeevfbi.com is causing intelligent people everywhere to question why any nation would surrender their country's identity and their people's destiny unto the psychopaths of the present United States government. The answer is clear: no such surrender is imminent and the assassins in the U.S. government are seen for what they are: terrorists and homicidal maniacs.


From Brownsville, Texas


December 13, 2002


T learns this date that the update to this site dated November 14, 2002 (My Story In Detail-Part 5) should be modified as follows: T reported that the fbi planted a virus in T's food; T now believes that the fbi planted a heavy dose of Medroxyprogesterone acetate which caused the symptoms which T reported on November 14, 2002. The fbi accomplished the poisoning by use of a hypodermic needle which was used to implant fruits which T purchased and consumed at South Padre Island, Texas.


Efforts to set up fraudulently conceived and illegally carried out attempted failed stings on T continue. Some of the plots are the same as previously attempted against T in Los Angeles, California.

T is pleased to see that the fbi is desperate to silence T and will try any maneuver, no matter how silly or absurd, in efforts to arrest T. Meanwhile, T continues his work with the blessings of Humanity as his constant companion.


From Brownsville, Texas


December 16, 2002


T notices a one day lull in hostilities; then, at around noon on December 14, the fbi enters T's car and resets the rear view mirror from day to night vision. The fbi terrorists also enter T's residence the same day, place a live (but wounded) roach in T's bed between the sheets and observe T's reaction in real time as T springs from the bed in the middle of the night to remove the critter. The next morning, December 15, 2002, the fbi co-ops a restaurant manager (who regularly serves T) to place the drug Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) into T's croissant sandwich; a few minutes after the poisoning the fbi sends an electronic message to T (via remote electronic alert and door locking system) that T has just been poisoned.


Note: These hostilities seem to represent an escalation of terrorists assaults on T as apparently ordered by the top officials in the United States government who have concluded that their phony war effort on Terrorism is undermined by T's journal entries in "My Story In Detail" and that Europeans and Americans are now questioning the validity of the present criminal regime that governs the United States of America - the terrorists are US state.


T also receives invitations via e-mail to: 1) improperly provide legal advice; 2) engage in criticism against a specific minority group within the United States. T declines both offers.


Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas


December 20, 2002


fbi mental dwarf approaches T who is seated at a computer terminal. T notices the approach and makes eye contact with the person; a few minutes later, as T exits the library, the fbi activates the tracking device which causes the library book security alert system to sound and T must explain to the librarians that the alert sounded possibly due to a tracking device planted in T. Then, the same evening the fbi intensify psychotronics against T causing him to (once again) not sleep most of the night.


From Brownsville, Texas


December 21, 2002


Two fbi agents report evidence of fbi incompetence on national news broadcast on December 19, 2002; the next day T sends the following e-mail in answer to the following question: Do you think that the fbi shuts down your site ?


Sosbee's e-mail :


Thank you for the reply. Yes, I also believe that the fbi shut down the site on Thanksgiving day, as I previously reported.


Please note that I am aware that my comments are speculative; however, with the new revelations of fbi criminal conduct and possible involvement (either through gross negligence or intentional terrorist acts) in the 911 attack on the country, my site is more threatening to their corrupt regime than ever.

Assaults on me have increased substantially in efforts to neutralize me. My website serves both to help educate the country and the world of fbi/cia corruption and to help keep me alive (both in an emotional sense and in a broader political sense).


Best Wishes. Geral


After T sends the above message, the fbi mental dwarfs intensify their activities by a variety of some of the same terrorist activities that T has reported in the past. The little ones repeatedly enter T's car on December 20, 2002 and tamper with only those items that T has touched in the preceding hour(s). This insures that T understand that he is being watched every minute that he is in the car; the little terrorists also repeatedly re-set the rear view mirror from day to night vision. On the same day the fbi stages a subtle assault on T, using the same motorcycle (apparently) as the one previously used on T as reported in these updates. The fbi, though pretending to be confident that their charade (on the American people and the world) can never be fully unveiled, recognize that T poses a serious threat to their unchallenged grip on the world. To this T must respond that psychopathic mental dwarfs always display a sense of invulnerability/arrogance which is eventually their undoing.


From Brownsville, Texas


January 24, 2003


Part A: The civilian (non-fbi employee) whom I referenced in my update of November 19, 2002, identified as M1 (as in definitive mesomorphic type) renews his own little private psychological war against T as follows: As T enters the University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, library in order to use the computer, M1 (an Hispanic male, approximately 5' 5", weighing about 135 lbs, black mustache, brown eyes and black neatly cut hair) slips up behind T and states, "I didn't buy any of your reports about why the fbi is after you." A few minutes later T notices that M1 (apparently) accesses a computer in the same area (terminal) where T is located and M1 views one page: "This Is Why The fbi Is After Me". T understands that M1 is probably not a fbi operative, but that M1 is simply a small minded and mean spirited little man who feels inadequate and wholly unrecognized in his library position; this is the very same individual who often stalks and harasses T at the library. T feels pity for this hateful one who spends much of his time trying to discourage T from use of the library.
(The above incidents occurred on January 21, 2003).
Click here to see hate mail


Part B: The fbi continues the entire array of terror tactics against T as summarized below. Total electronic surveillance in home and car, with invasions and tamperings, continue; the fbi also makes good on its promise (as set forth in Part 3 of My Story, August 30, 2002) to deliver to T a "New Game"; on January 21, 2003, T attempts to socialize and shortly thereafter the fbi unlocks the doors by remote control to T's car as though to suggest to T that his activities are forbidden; then, as T continues to ignore the messages, the fbi intensifies the use of psychoelectronic sleep deprivation technique during the entire nights of January 21 and 22, 2003; each morning after the fbi's use of the sleep deprivation equipment on T, the fbi enters T's car and tampers with the rear view mirror, as though to alert T that he has just been punished for his conduct (i.e. socializing); also, T notes on the same day that the United States Department of Justice (DOJ. gov) twice visits T's website for zero minutes. The meaning of such visits is not clear, except that these visits correspond to the punishment/terror delivered to T by the fbi on the same day. The fbi continues to send e-mail messages threatening to destroy any vehicle that T may acquire upon repossession by the bank of T's present car ( the current vehicle is protected from vandalism by an extended warranty, etc.)


T notices the following symptoms from the fbi's recent actions: 1) T is very tired and sleepy following the sleep deprivation 2) T is occasionally short of breath, has migraine headaches and feels noticeably weakened from the lack of sleep and from the unabated stress 3) T is becoming conditioned, though he resists, to checking for fbi messages each time T enters the car. This means that T looks to see if the rear view mirror has been tampered with, or if any other items in the car or the apartment are stolen or rearranged. The use of conditioned response was repeatedly used by the fbi over the past four years in connection with mind control efforts against T.


From Brownsville,


Texas January 28, 2003


T notes that since the last update the fbi continues the conditioned response technique using psychoelectronic bombardment on the 22nd and the 24th of January, 2003 and on the morning following each such assault on T the fbi enters T's car and moves the rear view mirror out of focus as a message to T that he has just been punished. The psychotronic bombardment continues nightly as of January 25, 2003, with the usual tampering with the car's rear view mirror on the following morning as a notice to T that his suspicions of electronic sleep deprivation are confirmed. T also notes that he often retires to bed in the evening for a period of 12-15 (twelve to fifteen) hours in order to sleep perhaps 4-8 (four - eight) hours during the psychoelectronic assaults.


This is a special update from Brownsville, Texas, February 16, 2003 :


During the second week of February, 2003, T by chance at the Sunrise Shopping Mall meets an intuitive and intelligent woman from Columbia; a few minutes later the fbi approach the lady in the mall, slander T and cause the woman to question T's legitimacy. On the same day the fbi causes their co-assassins in Columbia to visit T's website in order to notify T that his new acquaintance from Columbia is now under the fbi's influence. Meanwhile, the gentle lady from Columbia (a complete stranger and having no idea of the events surrounding this fbi psyop) accepts the report that the fbi thugs deliver even though she remains a bit skeptical. She then receives a message from T who suggests that she visit www.sosbeevfbi.com. Apparently she does so. The rest of this story will play out in the psyche of all parties involved and will also thereby serve as an example (for posterity) of the negative effects of a corrupt government on the social and intellectual landscape of our generation. T is appreciative for this opportunity to attempt to document this incident which has overall had a positive and uplifting influence on T. T is also grateful to the Columbian for her role in this little fbi sponsored melodrama. Best Wishes to Her Always. Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas


February 20, 2003


Recent events: A) T notes that the Non Consensual Cover Research (terror surveillance), psyops and related high tech war games continue with intense psychotronic bombardment almost nightly over the past week causing serious sleep deprivation in T; the thugs continue to watch in real time as T responds to the high tech "non lethal" weaponry used against him. T suspects that the electromagnetic mind games are also deployed against him in his car. T suffers from the same symptoms as previously set forth. Sosbee may not be able to update this site in the future due to pending financial strain.



B) T notices that the fbi attempts to lure T into the office of an fbi dentist/operative in order to allegedly remove the tracking device from T's skull. This is a most interesting development as this effort may reflect one or more of the following motivations: 1) the fbi is worried that T may eventually be able to find an honest dentist in the United States or abroad who will locate and remove the tracking device while recording the entire procedure for evidentiary purposes; 2) the fbi needs to replace the device because the power source is failing or running low; 3) the fbi is concerned that a post mortem on T could reveal the device particularly if outside agitators insist on a competent examination/inquest; 4) the fbi is tiring of the whole mess and would like to scale back the operation against T; 5) the worldwide focus on the brain scan and right mastoid effusion, etc., of T is beginning to scare the assassins who have to date not been caught in their criminal enterprise (on other Targets) and who would like to know that prison is not a possibility for these fbi agents and operatives - such reassurance can come about only if they can remove the tracking device from T at this time. Click here to see the actual criminal motivations of the fbi as documented by T on October 12, 2004.


T's message to the Mental Dwarfs: Your job isn't so easy, is it, when the Target of your hideous attacks fights back; also, your level of pleasure at watching the Target die loses its appeal when you become the Target. Right, boys ? Click here to see fbi's response to T's message

DOD Criminal Participation In The Torture Of This Combat Vet

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