January 2, 2002 update: T learns this date that the fbi interfered with a balance transfer by preventing funds from reaching the bank; then when T cancels payment on the check a month later, the fbi allows the check to be processed the next day, causing the two banks to flag T's account. (Click here to see documentation) On New Year's eve T eats at a restaurant at Universal City; fbi thugs plant drugs in the food causing the usual symptoms plus causing T to become sick from the effects of the drugs. Later the same day, the fbi thugs enter T's apartment and turn upside down the after shave lotion that T used earlier that morning; on the next day the fbi thugs send e-mail messages to T with the following texts: "Are You Tired of Slow Connections" ..."XXX Movies For You".

(T believes that the fbi uses the following methodology to plant drugs in T's food in restaurants: fbi enters restaurant through back or side door , shows credentials, states that official business requires a pop check of the food of the most recent customer to be seated, causes all food ordered by T to be delivered first to the fbi thugs who use both liquid and powder forms of the drug, and then the food is delivered to T by the waiter. The cooks never question the authority of the government agents who perform this type of crime).


January 8, 2002: T learns this date that the fbi intercepts e-mail from a business associate to T in which the business person orders T to stop sending all e-mail and all spam to the address of the business associate; T never received the order and occasionally T sends mail to the same person unintentionally offending same. The fbi not only intercepts the mail from the irate person, but also deletes the e-mail from T's folder so that T has no way of knowing that someone is angry at receiving e-mail from T . The business person then threatens to report T to ISP and to shut down T's website*. On the same day, fbi thugs enter T's car and break door paneling so that it falls loose from the door. T understands from such action that his work is increasingly disrupting fbi/cia efforts to defraud the world by holding themselves out as saviors of all victims of terrorism; in reality, much of the suffering in the world today could be stopped if the United States reigns in its psychopaths in the fbi/cia and other federal agencies. T will continue to post, as his energy level increases with each new act of terror by the fbi.

*For Evidence Of This Click Here To See Hate Mail from Ad Scholar. T previously contracted with Ad Scholar to run an add for www.sosbeevfbi.com.


January 10,2002, fbi thugs re-enter T's residence and turn inside out the sleeves on T's bathrobe that he wears every night; while in T's residence the terrorists also step on T's light colored slacks, so that foot prints show on the material.


January 11, 2002: fbi thugs, agitated from the previous day's update, re-enter T's residence again and turn food containers upside down; also, as T is in grocery store, fbi thugs unlock all doors to his car. This unlocking of car doors is a popular ploy with the thugs, as is the following: while fbi thugs are in T's residence, relocate items on the counter by tilting them or otherwise re-positioning same. The tactic is generally designed to cause T to:

1) at first be surprised at discovering the change in door lock or positionings

2) question whether T himself may be mistaken

3) conclude that such action is just another message

T understands that the United States of America through the use of such thugs and cowards (whose livelihood depends on the ability to destroy the sanity of the selected targets) forfeits its role as a leader in the world and leaves as its legacy to future generations a sorry record characterized by inhumanity and inexcusable depravity.


January 14, 2002: fbi thugs assault T at UCLA cafeteria; the next day, as T's Proclamation appears on the site, the thugs continue the unlocking of car doors.


FBI Is Free to terrorize at will and without restraint: January 15, 2002: fbi thugs enter T's residence, turn on gas range and boil water, just minutes before T's arrival, so that T is greeted by the boiling water (time: 8 PM).


January 19, 2002: fbi psychological warfare continues against T on orders from Washington D.C., to silence this target once and for all. On this date T learns that he was poisoned by the fbi thugs during the previous week at the UCLA campus; T files incident report which includes the following info: an employee of the facility, co-opted by the fbi (or their operatives) and possible with court order places the high blood pressure medication into T's food; following the incident, the fbi unlocks T's car doors, enters T's residence and tilts various containers and tampers with the control panel in T's car so as to cause the light to indicate "fuel used". On the evening of Jan. 18, 2002, T discovers that in fact his blood pressure dropped after the poisoning (documented by a doctor) and that other symptoms also are evident; then, on the following morning (Jan. 19, 2002) fbi thugs unlock T's car doors again and T attempts to have the authorities to investigate the poisoning, but to date no investigation is conducted on this incident or on a previous incident of poisoning in the same facility. The primary tools now of the fbi against T are: poisonings, home and car invasions with messaging, telephone and e-mail harassment and assaults with attempted provocations by fbi thugs. T realizes that his work is effective and that the assassins in the government (executive, legislative and judicial branches) are all feeling uncomfortable with the possibility that their complicity in such targeting efforts ( as described in this site by T) may soon become public knowledge.


January 25, 2002: This date, messaging and assaults (with stalking and car tamperings and home invasions) continue in efforts to wear T down by unending acts of terrorism, especially poisonings. T adds to the Jan.14, 02, update as follows: fbi thugs assault T in UCLA cafeteria and employ a rehearsed and choreographed scene in order to cause T to reflect on the incident: T enters the cafe and stands in line behind an African American female who insures that T is served the poisoned food by the fbi operative; then upon service, a white male standing in another line addresses T in reference to T's food, "you are getting the works"; T then sits down to eat and a white female takes a seat directly beside T and occasionally glances at T's food (ample seating available without the need to position next to T); T leaves UCLA and upon arrival at the car notices that the car door locks are changed to the unlocked position and tamperings in the car are also noted; later that evening T notices the usual symptoms associated with the poisonings, except that such symptoms are more pronounced and more severe. This type of elaborate assault has occurred during several previous incidents and is intended by the fbi to cause T to reflect and agonize over the intense efforts to destroy him. T is largely unphased as now his work takes on a more scientific tone directed at the documentation of the effects of the assaults on T's psyche. UCLA authorities, including the civilian and police, refuse to investigate.


January 26, 2002: T visits UCLA law library to research class action suits on behalf of victims of fbi/cia (and other federal agencies); fbi female thug enters the computer room, assaults T and engages T in gibberish and states a few seconds later (in reference to the electronic surveillance on T ): "I'll see you later". She then departs, but not without a (now common) lingering eye to eye contact with T, as she smoothly navigates her way out of the room.


On February 2, 2002: (see Alert page)T realizes that the flu-like symptoms which he has experienced over the past two weeks are the result of the fbi's planting of a viral infection in T's food at the UCLA cafeteria at the same time that the other poison was also delivered. The poisonings occurred on Jan.14, 2002, but the flu symptoms began a few days later; the fbi has previously planted the flu virus in T's food and T learned from medical doctor that the virus is not bacterial. T notes that the fbi plants the infection in T's food every year during flu season. T also notes that the statement by the fbi thug in the UCLA cafeteria, "you're getting the works", referred to the poison cocktail planted in T's food that day by the fbi (see previous updates for information consistent with this addendum to the Jan. 14, 02, update). The 'works' means that T is getting all the poisons that the fbi can give him on this occasion.


Also on February 2, 2002: T learns this date that fbi headquarters is under pressure from nervous government officials to prepare a final assault on T. However, this new assault must not fail. T seeks treatment for injuries (caused by fbi's repeated and continuing poisonings over the past three years ) by visiting on a regular basis a Doctor of Acupuncture Therapy and Herbal Medicine in the Los Angeles area. The fbi thugs enter the doctor's office, place wireless surveillance equipment and send into the doctor's office a fbi female agent/operative who then gains employment there as an expert. Subsequently, fbi thugs notify T that the fbi plans to "make facts" for public consumption and that such facts are intended to portray T (to Congress or to anyone else) in a potentially awkward way. T is unphased by the renewed fbi blackmail efforts . The fbi fails to realize that all of their contrived 'facts' reflect in the final analysis their absurd preoccupation to end T's life and their hopeless & enduring incompetence at failing to do so.


February 18, 2002: This date T sends the following e-mail to a friend: Bill, good to hear from you. I have only a general sense of what is happening there with you. I think that most of the events cited in your message are in fact fbi activities intended to frighten you into submission and silence. The contacts you have with cia/fbi and others are also being used against you; by this I mean that some or all of the contacts you have made in the past are now used to simply document your remarks and pass them on to the case agent or the general file on you. You are correct (IMHO) about the fbi intercepting fax, e-mail, etc.


I wish I could offer more helpful info to you about the many instances described in your message. Generally, the fbi thugs want you quiet and they monitor all of your messages probably in the name of national security.


The fbi thugs today continue to monitor me in real time in my two room apartment and then they deliver messages to me by unlocking my car door. Their apparent purpose is to remind me that they are still surveilling me around the clock and that they still plan to continue the druggings. These small minded thugs and assassins run our country and no one in government is big enough to stop their terrorist practices. I believe that as long as I live they will terrorize me with their psychological war games which are intended to wear me down. Ultimately, the little surprises that they deliver to me regularly will no doubt eventually cause some adverse physiological response in me, perhaps a heart attack or a stroke, or the like. I fear that a similar plan may be designed for you. I have been advised to run, to live in my car, to remove myself to the mountains or some isolated cave .


I will continue to fight them as long as my body and mind permit; the record will show that the fbi and the cia are now the most decadent and homicidal organizations in history and that those of us who struggle to end their reign are the true defenders of liberty and freedom.


Thanks again for keeping me in mind, as I also do you. Geral


February 21, 2002: During the period of approximately February 13 through February 17, 2002, T notices no home or car invasions and T considers the lull in hostilities as an effort by the fbi thugs to prevent habituation. On the evening of February 17, T makes a feeble effort at intimacy, also attempting to overcome the effects of the poisons placed in his food and drink over the previous years. The next morning (Feb. 18, 2002) T notices that no car invasion took place in the morning, but in the afternoon of the 18th (after T drinks coffee in a restaurant) the thugs enter T's car, open T's briefcase and leave the car doors unlocked. T is unsure of the meaning of the renewed messaging, but later in the evening T learns that the fbi thugs once again poisoned T's food and drink earlier that day as a punishment for T's activities in T's residence the night before (events viewed in real time by the fbi thugs). Also, the fbi thugs on the same day (18th) enter T's residence and tamper with objects in the bathroom. On the same evening the thugs send T the usual e-mail regarding death, debt and impotence. T notes that on the morning of the 18th of February, mentioned above, the thugs do not tamper with T's car because they do not want to put T on notice prior to poisoning him ( the fbi realizes that T is more careful about the purity of the food and drink that he consumes in restaurants and therefore the fbi endeavors to exercise more cunning in the delivery of both the poisonings and the messaging to T ).

Alert Page


My Pledge
by Geral Sosbee

Note from Babs:

In one of my recent reports I gave a brief outline of the political persecution being directed at ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee because of his persistence and courage in exposing FBI/CIA corruption and terrorist acts being perpetrated by these agencies on law-abiding citizens.


Today I received this message from Geral, which I would like to share with all my fellow Patriots and Defenders of Liberty and Justice for All.

I greatly appreciate Geral's kind remarks regarding myself, though I doubt I could ever live up to them!


The main purpose for this message is to announce that the fbi thugs and low lifes, thinking that I am fleeing from their abusive and criminal assaults on me around the clock (in terms of poisonings and home and car invasions — with concomitant messagings), are wrong. I am regrouping so that I can begin a new and even more aggressive attack, intellectually, on the little mental dwarfs who have seized our country; and that they (the mental dwarfs whose livelihood depends on the success of their efforts to drive their Targets insane) can be assured that I cannot fail and that indeed I have already won the main race — the struggle to stand singularly against the hordes of thugs sent at me.



That each new message that they deliver to me is being answered by countless millions of voices from the heavens pouring on their lost souls; that I am not important in this world, except to the extent that I can stop their evil ways by shining a light on them for all of Humanity to see.

That I tire not in my work and that my weak body (as perceived by the thugs in the fbi) obscures by the grace of God a strengthening heart and spirit in this fight for the end of their reign of terror on earth. And then, after I am gone, the spirit of which I am blessed covers the earth with an even more vibrant command to end the terrorists' reign over mankind. The evil ones have no chance to prevail, and I will never stop my work; and even though I may be knocked down once in a while, I offer the following words of assurance to my little foes:


I hereby swear and affirm by all that is holy, by the gravesite of my cherished Father

(whose goodness graced the planet and brought me here to work to improve mankind in whatever manner I may) that I will not stop my efforts to destroy the fbi and the cia (in an intellectual sense) as long as I breathe and have life in my body (barring any debilitating infirmity); and further, that I feel no compulsion to so work to my death because I consider this labor an honor and in a sense a gift from the deities; so, the fbi and the cia thugs and assassins may hereby take no claim to have weakened me, as I am filled with the energy of an eternal Spring.

I welcome the challenges ahead with an expectation that the most difficult episodes of fbi/cia terrorist assaults are yet to come my way; I write this in all sincerity for I truly welcome the evil little ones sent to destroy me even as I trust that they will someday see the living horror that they represent.


I am grateful to God that Barbara Hartwell is my Friend and that I may someday be of more assistance to her, as she too offers her love, compassion and guidance to all who open their eyes to the truth of her messages. I once mentioned to you , Barbara, that I will dispense with regularly saying, 'Thank You', because otherwise I would be repeating the phrase too many times; so, I simply say to you that you and all others in our campaign are on my mind all the time and that I am enriched by the experience of getting to know you all.

Geral Sosbee


July 6, 2002


Special note from Geral Sosbee: The fbi fails to silence Sosbee, not just because of fbi incompetence, but because the fbi is evil and evil always fails.


July 16, 2002 Update: fbi thugs enter T's car on July 14, 2002, resetting instruments and tampering with control units; (T then is on notice that a more serious problem such as poisoning or increased vandalism may be in the offing); thugs then drive a screw nail into right rear tire. Terrorist messaging continue as follows: fbi thugs add T's name to spam mail listings, so that certain messages tailored especially for T can be sent to T; when T blocks the sender's address, the fbi simply unblocks the address so that T continues to receive the offensive e-mail. Below is the receipt for repair and a picture of the screw nail.


Note: the driving of nails into T's tires is a popular fbi/cia method to 'get T's attention', especially when done repeatedly. Also, the fbi/cia thugs often remove the tire pressure valve stem cap of the particular tire targeted for vandalism, so that T sees a day or two in advance that the tire to be punctured is identified.

See bottom of this page for more "hot water" treatment and messages from the fbi  to Sosbee in July, 2009

See the bottom of this page for information on the fbi's continual use of similar criminal tactics in 2009 against this Target:

July 24, 2002


fbi thugs in response to my recent updates remove the valve stem cap from the right front tire. This is a signal to T that the tire is targeted for puncture.

fbi terrorist retaliation continues as follows: 24 hour, non stop electronic and physical surveillance on T in his home, car, and person worldwide.


Physical assaults and attempted provocations on T wherever he goes by use of goon-squad members who track T via tracking device planted in T's body. Fraudulent court ordered poisoning of T on a regular basis.


The planting of drugs and viral (biological) infections in T's food and drink.

Widespread slander.


Home and car invasions & tampering therein and destruction of T's personal property.

Note: The failure of the Congress and the Courts to stop fbi/cia crimes against humanity signals a collapse of the United States government. More significantly, the fbi and the cia can now continue watching their victims (Targets) in real time as the Target seeks a way out of the nightmare. Sosbee seeks no such exit and continues his work, by the grace of God.


Last Update from Los Angeles, California, July 29,2002


Special Message to fbi and cia thugs, agents, assassins, operatives and Handlers:

Had you not begun your pathetic campaign to kill me, I never would have known the joy associated with my work to destroy you. So, for your depraved efforts I am grateful because your lunacy gives me the opportunity to help others, as I seek to speak out for the victims of your inhumanity, past and future. The sickness which moves you to kill, terrorize and imprison God's most glorious creation now comes back on you by the self-styled mental prison that you unwittingly mold for yourselves. In the great scheme of things you represent the lowest form of our species because you prey on peoples' sanity and because you revel in the suffering and death that you cowardly visit on the very best among us. May God help you to see the light. May God stop your evil ways.

Geral Sosbee


Sosbee's e-mail to supporter follows this paragraph: in response to the notion that Sosbee is at times ineffective and weak in his reports; Sosbee is not concerned in his reports as to how the world views Sosbee, whether weak, strong, afraid or courageous-all such concepts have no bearing on the reports from Sosbee who represents all victims (i.e.: targets) living and dead of the fbi/cia psychological operations (psyops). Sosbee is alive for one primary reason: to defeat the fbi efforts to kill him.


August 22, 2002:


Terrorist assaults continue in Brownsville, Texas, as the fbi prevents Sosbee from renting affordable housing during the first two weeks upon arrival. Regular tamperings with car continue, including the re-setting of interior controls and the lowering of windows during a rain storm. Sosbee attempts to sleep in the car well off the highway and the thugs attempt to provoke him by a visit at 2 AM in a kind of night raid designed to startle and bewilder. A few minutes later the local Police order Sosbee to leave. Financial stress continues and the fbi insures the delivery of electronic messages about debt, judgments (including IRS action), impotence and death. Sosbee is unphased as he recognizes that the fbi is afraid and is keeping the pressure on to insure what they think will be a collapse of the target; the fbi is worried that Sosbee might survive long enough to report to the world the evil and the insanity of their conduct. Meanwhile, Sosbee seeks foreign employment.


August 24, 2002:


In my updates, early on, I point out that the purpose of the website and the story is not singularly to relay to the world the details of fbi/cia terrorist practices, but also to document ''... as well as can be expected under the circumstances" the effects of the terror program on the psyche of the target, Geral Sosbee. So, while I do not particularly want to be seen as whining or weak, the fact is the thugs are killing me by inches and my weak states from time to time are part of the message I hope to convey. Also, I have only one method to fight against their (fbi thugs) constant harassment and that is via my site. I think I mentioned in my e-mail that I am grateful to you and others for letting me vent. This venting helps me emotionally and also provides me with the opportunity to launch my little attacks on the assassins.


As for the slander that I mentioned, the effects are to further isolate the target and to make him live in world where nobody will have anything much to do with him. Those who accept the slander (false statement hurtful of one's standing) are often afraid to question the fbi or other authority; the mental torture which is at the heart of the psyops program is enhanced when the target is not given an opportunity to defend himself.


August 25, 2002, 7:00 AM, Brownsville, Texas:


fbi terrorists observe T in real time as T steps into shower; terrorists then enter T's boarding house sleeping quarters, pour water on T's slacks (in the groin area) and observe again in real time as T reacts to the incident. fbi thugs also place in T's car items previously thrown in the trash by T (and retrieved by the fbi thugs), observing in real time as T discovers the trash in his vehicle. Other tamperings in the car are regularly noted by T from day to day.


SPECIAL NOTATION: Sosbee apologizes to his computer associate (J.G. and his wife) for Sosbee's incorrect assumptions and neurotic comments following a temporary break in communications between them. August 25, 2002.


Finances: Sosbee faces insolvency in 2003 from failure to pay unsecured debts as follows:


MBNA America $51,000, act # 5200 0100 1401 0207, P.O. Box 15019, Wilmington, De, 19886-5019.


CitiBank $41,000, act # 5308 9511 1932 4525, P.O. Box 8034, South Hackensack, N.J., 07606-8034


The GM Card $12,000, act # 5437 0306 6024 0515, P.O. Box 60119, City of Industry, Ca. 91716-0119


Sosbee seeks no contributions (neither would Sosbee accept any personal contributions) and asks for no help from any quarter. The time for such is long past.

However, Sosbee seeks employment as a teacher, so that he can repay the loans


August 29, 2002, Brownsville, Texas


Around the clock harassment intensifies with home and car invasions, tamperings, threats and messagings relating to the themes familiar to T over the last four years. T deduces that the fbi has permission from the owner of the boarding house to enter at will and to gain access to T's room for terrorist purposes. T also deduces that Washington ,D.C., government thugs at the highest level are increasingly concerned that T is still alive and poses a continuing threat to the assassins in power. Damage Assessment by the fbi and the cia continues with regard to Geral W. Sosbee, not so much for his current disclosures, but because now many individuals around the world are confirming and verifying Sosbee's reports of inhumane fbi/cia activities and such global responses to Sosbee's reports pose a potential threat to world political stability (at least from the perspective of United States presence and influence in traditionally allied nations) and one former fbi agent ( T ) cannot be permitted to carry on in the manner reflected in this website. So, T must be silenced...period.


T, however, is unphased by all of this and he continues his work confident that the world is a better place for T's having been (and being) here. Tally Ho.

August 29, 2002:

August 30, 2002 Brownsville, Texas


fbi thugs intensify terrorist assaults in efforts to provoke T around the clock by methods previously described. These include assaults, theft of mail, home and car invasions and tamperings and electronic surveillance and messagings. The following message (e-mail to Sosbee) corresponds with the new and intense assaults under a revised and somewhat new psyop program directed gainst T. T suspects that the fbi will stage a bold and devastating move against T in the near future. T is unphased by the "NEW" antics of the mental dwarfs.


Sosbee did not send an e-mail to the following address, but the e-mail (below) came anyway: Note the "New Game" statement at the end of the e-mail:


This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ]

Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:32:09 -0400 (EDT)

From: "Mail Delivery Subsystem" <MAILER-DAEMON@aol.com>

To: gsosbee@yahoo.com

Subject: Returned mail: Host unknown (Name server: prrispr01.otatm: host not found)


The original message was received at Thu, 29 Aug
2002 10:31:44 -0400 (EDT)
from logs-mtc-tc.proxy.aol.com []



Your e-mail is being returned to you because
there was a problem with its
delivery. The address which was undeliverable is
listed in the section labeled:

"----- The following addresses had
permanent fatal errors -----".


The reason your mail is being returned to you is
listed in the section

labeled: "----- Transcript of Session Follows -----".


The line beginning with "<<<" describes the
specific reason your e-mail could
not be delivered. The next line contains a
second error message which is a
general translation for other e-mail servers.

Please direct further questions regarding this
message to your e-mail administrator.


--AOL Postmaster


----- The following addresses had permanent
fatal errors -----


----- Transcript of session follows -----

550 <00321@prrispr01.otatm>... Host unknown (Name
server: prrispr01.otatm: host not found)


Reporting-MTA: dns; rly-ip05.mx.aol.com
Arrival-Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:31:44 -0400 (EDT)

Final-Recipient: RFC822; 00321@prrispr01.otatm
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.2
Remote-MTA: DNS; prrispr01.otatm
Last-Attempt-Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:32:09 -0400 (EDT)


Forwarded Message [ Save to my Yahoo! Briefcase | Download File ]

Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:28:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: "ejohnston" <ejohnston@modbee.com>
To: 00321@prrisPr01.otatm
Subject: A new game


HTML Attachment [ Save to my Yahoo! Briefcase | Download File ]

Hi,This is a new game
This game is my first work.
You're the first player.
I expect you would like it.

From Harlingen, Texas , November 5, 2008

The above update of August 30, 2002, is now confirmed by Sosbee as the date that the fbi began the psychoelectronic assaults against him via pulse microwave, ELF, or similar 'non-lethal' weaponry technology. Note that the fbi sociopath who sent the above message admits that this is the first time that he has used the technology against a Target, as the perpetrator states: "This game is my first work." The record that Sosbee has established on this site is collectively prima facie evidence sufficient to indict the fbi, cia, doj, etc, for high crimes and misdemeanors against Sosbee and others.

From Harlingen, Texas
July 8, 2009

fbi enters Sosbee's residence (under 24/7 surveillance) and sets hot water heater to maximum hot setting; the maintenance and repairman states that such mind game is similar to the ones used by Navy Seals and other intel groups. About one month prior to the hot water tampering the fbi sends Sosbee a message that his settings are being adjusted. When Sosbee receives a 100% increase in the electric bill, he discovers the "max settings" on the hot water heater.[Also, the psychoelectronic assaults on Sosbee are extremely intense over the past 48 hours]. Here is the maintenance note showing that both thermostats were set at max temp:


From Harlingen, Texas
July 15, 2009 

This date the fbi drives a freshly sharpened nail into the left rear tire; the nail is long, and the fbi pushes the nail about half way in and centered between the treads (sufficient to penetrate, and in the middle of the tire so that Sosbee cannot see the nail), knowing that when the vehicle is operated, the nail will bend as shown below in the repair receipt.

The next morning the fbi removes the valve stem cap cover from the right front tire, indicating where the next nail will go. The mechanic who repairs the tire agrees that the nail was driven into the tire.


The fbi's  criminal assaults continue against me unabated into about the eleventh year (September 9, 2009) as follows:

Home invasions with destruction of clothes and theft of cell phone; releasing air from the tires, cutting interior vinyl in vehicle; 24/7 surveillance and harassment (using street thugs and electronic tracking technology); taking over the car's computer function by killing the engine, or disabling air conditioning and other electrical features (apparently by disabling the fuse).

See also: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html

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