New assaults on me by police state:

This update to My Story has two purposes as follows:  

First, I document action against me by a military science professor (military intelligence officer James Wolf) for sending my message to CSUN. Currently the University of Texas is considering the report from the professor of military science who reported me falsely for harassment. Also, note that all of my efforts to communicate via e-mail with anyone at the ROTC/military science department is blocked; however, some of the faculty and staff  have shown an interest in my work (see *site meter image at the end of part two); therefore, I consider the action by the ROTC chief as an overkill.

Additionally, inasmuch as the fbi/cia destroy any computer that I may own, I must frequent the public library (such as the one at the University of Texas) in order to access the internet; so any possible action by UT against me may be detrimental.

Secondly,  I summarize below the effects of the directed energy assaults on my person.

Part 1)  An official at California State University, Northridge
responds negatively to my message as shown below.

Sosbees original message to  CSUN: 
Date Tue, Aug 18, 2009
Subject Re: rotc = F R A U D
FAILED UNITED STATES LEADERSHIP, globally (this link to return to this page use browser back button)

questions! geral sosbee (956)371-5210


First message from CSUN to Sosbee:

togeral sosbee <>,
dateTue, Aug 18, 2009 at 4:08 PM
subjectRe: rotc = F R A U D
hide details 4:08 PM (3 hours ago) Reply

Your IP address has been reported to your ISP for harassment.
Have a nice day,
-James Wolf
Website Administrator


Sosbees response to the above notice:
to James Wolf
from sosbee:  you are a cowardly punk.


.Second message from CSUN to Sosbee:
On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 7:51 PM, <> wrote:

Mr. Sosbee
Your IP address "" has once again been reported to your ISP
for harassment and this and future email addresses used have and will be
blocked from our email system. Additionally the University of Texas San Antonio has been contacted with
your name and information and alerted to the use of their computers for
harassment purposes on your behalf.
Have an outstanding day,
James Wolf
Website Administrator


Meet US Army Intelligence Officer (On Facebook) James Wolf At CSUN. The link  is no longer active; maybe the intelligence officer woke up.

Univ. of Texas Chatterjee (and


The U.S.  Army Medical Technology Information Center studies the material coincidental to the two updates on this page, even as the psychoelectronic assaults continue intensely:

Part 2)  The United

DOD Criminal Participation With fbi In The Torture Of This Combat Vet


Click Here For More Symptoms

Additionally, I experience many of the symptoms (shown in this link) known by the fbi/cia to be associated with psychological and physical torture; note that fear of pain is currently reduced in this Target due to his  1)decade long habituation and  2) 'mind warrior mentality' forged into the psyche during the same time period.

Important medical report

As of June 3, 2014, the fbi's assaults on me with DEW (directed energy weaponry) are the most extreme ever at a level of about  9 on a scale of 1- 10 ( ten being the most painful and symptomatic);

The DEW attacks are 24/7 and continue for the past 14 years. Currently, the net effects of the attacks render me a prisoner to my own residence and bed for about 15-20 hours per day on average. Other symptoms are also disturbing,  but I dare not list them here. 

The DEW assaults follow 1) assaults and battery on my person (and destruction of my car) by fbi street thugs, police, and operatives, as I have documented on many pages of my websites; and 2) harassment by federal, state and local  cops pretending to investigate crimes manufactured by the fbi wherein my name was planted at the scene of the crime. Also, neighbors often  join in the crimes against me as directed by fbi hoodlums and assassins.

Here is the CSUN response
Shortly after Sosbee sends the

Click here for evidence of fbi and UT unlawful efforts to cover up assault on Sosbee and the subsequent/simultaneous commencement of a fraudulent criminal investigation against Sosbee on campus

Click here to see evidence

Here is Sosbee's response to the Texas Attorney General (AG) with copies to UT following the failure of the *Chancellor of The University Of Texas
to stop the unlawful, or unethical actions:

fromgeral sosbee <>,,,,,,
dateWed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:57 AM

September 16, 2009 <>

RE:Open Records (OR) Intentional Non compliance by University of Texas, Chatterjee letter to AG 9-14-09.

The two letters from The University Of Texas (UT), signed by Neera Chaterjee dated September 14, 2009, addressed to Greg Abbott (AG) and Geral Sosbee (Sosbee) fail to accurately reflect the information originally requested as follows:

"fromgeral sosbee <
dateMon, Aug 31, 2009 at 9:49 AM
hide details Aug 31

I request any and all documents and records under the Open Records laws (OR), including memos, e-mails, letters and any other evidence concerning my person, Geral Wayne Sosbee said records possibly being maintained  in the possession or control of the University of Texas (UT) ; this request includes any and all such similar records in the possession of any police unit of UT anywhere in the United States. I request that particular attention be given to any police or library record over the past decade concerning me and any application for employment and rejection of same by UT academic departments at:

The University of Texas System Administration 
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio and at Harlingen, Texas
The University of Texas at Arlington
The University of Texas at Austin
The University of Texas at Brownsville 
The University of Texas at El Paso
The University of Texas at San Antonio

Additionally, I make a very special request and appeal for the *UT records of the UT police in the Harlingen, Texas, Health Science Center Medical School, Library and related facilities (including the computer IT department ) at the UT campus at Harlingen, Texas, which have recently been recorded concerning me on or about August 24-30, 2009. In order for the UT staff to better understand the reason for this request please see:

In the event of any effort by your office to seek AG opinion for refusal or redaction of the record, please send me a copy of the representative sampling of such material for exclusion or redaction. Also note that intentional refusal to comply with OR may be the basis for a criminal investigation."


Additionally, Chatterjee does not  provide Sosbee with the representative sampling of materials; instead, Chatterjee makes a sweeping and unsubstantiated statement  seeking thereby to withhold under the authority of the AG all information from Sosbee, even as the UT police at the Harlingen, Texas, campus, continue to harass, stalk and slander Sosbee each time he enters the library. Further, the UT police in Brownsville, Texas, unlawfully (and with criminal intent) threatened to arrest Sosbee on that campus on previous occasions (at the direction of the fbi and corrupt UT employees), and the UT record of such unlawful conduct is presumptuously not mentioned by Chatterjee. Sosbee repeats his request for all such UT police records anywhere and everywhere such record may exist.The UT authority releases the data verbally to its own staff and police, but refuses to release the material in written form to Sosbee.

The ongoing violations of Sosbee's legal Rights to Due Process and Equal Protection under the state and federal constitutions coupled with the non compliance with OR by UT's Chatterjee militate against further withholding of the requested data. The office of the AG is being unethically exploited by the UT staff for the purpose of unlawfully preventing Sosbee from access to evidence of possible criminal conduct (or gross abuse of power and public corruption) by the UT police at Brownsville and Harlingen, Texas, campuses; therefore, such data cannot be properly excluded as the public corruption statutes clearly provide. Incidentally, the UT Counsel Chatterjee would almost certainly want to see such record on herself, if she were the Target of slander and attempted murder campaigns as described by Sosbee at .

Thus, hypocrisy  and a touch of inhumanity abide at UT alongside their official slander and libel efforts.

I certify that I, Geral Sosbee, mailed this date a copy of the above notice to Neera Chatterjee, University Of Texas, 201 West 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78701-2902.


Geral Sosbee

P.O. Box 3374

Harlingen, Texas 78551


The Texas Attorney General sends Sosbee the following message (via site meter entry shown below) that an attorney in Dallas has information confirming Sosbee's reports; Sosbee notifies the AG to do his job and to also read:

*Chancellor Cigarroa blocks all e-mail
Sosbee writes in response to
University of Texas (UT) Violation

From Harlingen,
Texas May 6, 2010

Regarding the two letters shown above, dated September 15 and 16, 2009, from Sosbee to the Texas AG,  the following additional facts are noted:

As of May 6, 2010, Attorney Chatterjee was in apparent technical compliance with the Texas AG opinion regarding the Sosbee OR request. However, neither the Texas AG, nor  Chatterjee made any sincere effort , visible to Sosbee, to address the criminal assault and cover up of same by a UT contract employee on campus at Harlingen, Texas, as documented herein; also neither the Texas AG, nor Chatterjee responded to Sosbee's demand for all records in connection with the fraudulent or otherwise unlawful criminal investigation of Sosbee on the UT campus as set forth in many of these updates.  The above mentioned crime against the person of Sosbee on campus and the cover up of same, together with the false criminal investigation against Sosbee should be investigated by the US Attorney as continuing evidence of fbi/cia counter intelligence operations designed to imprison Sosbee. Sosbee notified the UT officials of all such illegal conduct , but no action was apparently taken. The UT attorney and the Texas AG should call for a federal civil rights inquiry.

Finally, see the recent menacing visit to this site from UT:


On July 24, 2010, University of Texas  Police (Officer R. Herrera) notifies Sosbee, as he enters the UT library, as follows:

The Dean of the Medical School, (Dr. Leonardo Vela) instructs the police to advise Sosbee that he is not allowed to enter the snack bar area in the building for any purpose. The implication is that arrest would follow any non compliance with the police order. Note that the Dean's  order is probably unlawful on its face as Sosbee (a disabled veteran) uses the hallway of the snack bar in order to visit the VA clinic where Sosbee is a patient. Sosbee advises Officer Herrera this date that the order may be unlawful on several counts, one being in violation of the *"Persons With Disability" laws (federal and state) and others being the United States Constitutional provisions for Due Process and Equal Protection.

*[Texas Human Resources Code - Section 121.003. Discrimination Prohibited (c) No person with a disability may be denied admittance to any public facility in the state because of the person's disability.]

From Harligen, Texas

August 5, 2010

University of Texas officials admit that the above  order was issued verbally by  Dean Vela and is impliedly an arbitrary directive, possibly unlawful, to the police to arrest Sosbee as a trespasser upon violation of the order. Note that the following fbi/cia controlled public officials refuse to answer Sosbee's appeal to stop the outrageous conduct on campus by police and pseudo leaders, professional staff & educators at UT:
Armando Villalobos
(DA);Greg Abbott (AG); Eddie Lucio, Jr., (Texas Senator).

Here is the admission by UT's Lynch:

fromLynch, Harry S Jr <>
togeral sosbee <>
cc"Morgan, Jeanne H" <>,
"Rodriguez, Olga M" <>,
"Park, Jack C" <>,
dateThu, Jul 29, 2010 at 8:43 AM
subjectRE: Requests For : 1) Attorney General Opinion and 2)Open records <>
hide details Jul 29 (6 days ago)

Dear Mr. Sosbee:

We have reviewed our records for the existence of the written documents you have requested below.  Our review has not located any documents that are responsive to your request.  Hence, we have no documents to provide to you in response to your request below.

Thank you.

Harry S. Lynch, Jr., MBA, CPA
Executive Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

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From Harlingen, Texas
 August 2, 2013

 In late July, 2013, I sent a request to the following state representative
 to assist in stopping the UT , HSC, Harlingen, Texas, from
 continuing crimes against my person on campus:

Rep. Lucio III, EddieDistrict 38Room E2.808, Capitol Extension
P.O. Box 2910
 Austin, TX 78768

I received no response, but on August 2, 2013, I received the message via *site meter entry directing my attention to my statement about "pseudo leader" Eddie Lucio, Jr (father to Eddie Lucio, III).:

Upon my seeing the insult in my cell phone at around 10AM, August 2, 2013, the fbi (monitoring me in real time and torturing me with DEW 24/7) turn off and on my cell phone to notify me that Lucio (or associate) is playing a game on me because of my criticism of Lucio's father, Eddie Lucio, Jr., as reflected in the data at

Thus the police state USA is truly run by the fbi/cia torturers & assassins and the political figures who often join in the psychological harassment of the victim (See US Senator Cornyn's data and Sergeant At Arms harassment on my site). Perhaps equally disturbing is the prospect that Geral Sosbee, a non Latino,is ignored by Hispanic leaders for a number of reasons (including racial) and by the Lucio clan who seek high political offices and who join with the fbi in creating this fascist state. The record that I make herein is a testament to the collapse of law and ethics by the very persons who pretend to honorably represent the people of the country.

My comments on Lucio, Jr. were recorded on August 5, 2010, and are shown in the following site meter image :



DOD Criminal Participation In The Torture Of This Combat Vet

Univ. of Texas Chatterjee (and item12 item40