My Story

From Brownsville, Texas

May 11, 2006


Timeline of fbi attempted murder of Geral Sosbee who is referred to below as 'patient'. All dates herein are estimates. ' ks ' refers to a single kidney stone, synthetically or artificially and chemically manufactured in the patient for the purpose of inducing trauma, infection, or death. Click here to see actual picture of the Kidney Stone. And Here For Size & Chemical Content Of The Stone.
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I, Geral Sosbee, hereby authorize the release of all medical records referenced below to any person who seeks to hold the fbi and the cia liable for crimes against my person.



Eat at restaurant:



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Two Days Later:

6:30 AM, 5-5-06: sharp pain left side radiating forward to stomach. Patient seeks medical advice at Valley Family Clinic, 5460 Paredes Line Road, Brownsville, Texas:


The x-ray and Dr. G suggest ks. Enter hospital 5-5-06 emergency ward, pain relief given at Valley Regional Medical Center, VR.ER; VR1002679355, MR #VR126492, date: 5-5-06.


Dr. do-nothing on or about 5-6-06 at VRMC, Brownsville, Texas, orders new comprehensive scan and the charts show ks; this same doctor conducts scopic procedure to view the ks, but does nothing to remove ks and takes no further action to address critical condition (except for providing pain relief and antibiotics), suggesting instead that patient simply remain in hospital under observation. The patient leaves hospital against orders of doctor do-nothing and tries to find a new doctor.


Upon arrival in Harlingen (with VRMC x-ray, scans in hand) doctors and hospital at VBMC, Harlingen, Texas, refuse to treat the patient due to reported "cancellation" of health insurance. Patient then discovers that the fbi in the prior months purloined the new health insurance cards (sent by the insurer, but never received by patient) from the p o box 2272, Brownsville, Texas 78522, postal station; the old insurance ID card reflected cancellation of health insurance coverage.


The patient overcomes the insurance glitch and then returns the next morning to Harlingen, Texas, for a repeat of the above mentioned scopic procedure, followed by other procedures as set forth below:


Patient admitted at Valley Baptist Medical Center (VBMC) Harlingen, Texas, account #05-9-992647966, medical record #00513321,5-9-06. Doctor Wonderful successfully locates (by use of exact same x-ray scan used by Doctor donothing in Brownsville, Texas) and removes the single ks; then, the doctor notes the following: Pt SP left side uretheral stent placement on 5-9-06. Patients vital signs stable. Pt ambulating with steady gait and without assistance. Patient tolerating regular diet.

Special Notation: On the same day and during the hours of preparation for the medical procedures that Patient undergoes as described above at VBMC, Harlingen (on 5-9-06), the Patient notices the following entry by ASAHQ, Chicago, Illinois, on the sitemeter at as shown below:

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Journal Of Endourology

As Sosbee documented three years before the kidney stone episode, the fbi sends a female (dressed in a nurse's attire) to stalk, threaten and assault him in the parking lot at the Brownsville, Texas, shopping mall;see

The apparent nurse proceeded (after her failed efforts to reach Sosbee with her spit)  to hold out her right hand with the index and little fingers pointing at Sosbee; she then twisted her hand as though to suggest that she is putting a spell on Sosbee. The mall security later advised that the mall cameras were not working during the assault. Thus, consistent with the fbi previous threats and notices to Sosbee, the threat of the induced kidney stone is likely implied from the incident. [Sosbee notes: I did not previously indicate that the female fbi thug was wearing a nurse's  uniform because at the time I did not see the relevance.]

The Army reminds the reader (in the site meter image below) that the fbi does in fact have expert scientists who are busy devising exotic methods (like artificial kidney stone synthesis) to cripple or kill specific Targets, like geral sosbee. See "fbi/cia labs" course in search engines.)


As of 5-11-06 Patient prepares the above information at the public library, Brownsville, Texas, for update to As he does so he notices repeated invasions into car with tamperings therein, etc., and the following possible subliminal suggestion to him from the fbi regarding criminal brain scan search:

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For more details on the kidney stone assault on Sosbee by the fbi , see the article entitled "fbi assaults Sosbee with single chemically created kidney stone, evidently" at Click here for another clever fbi effort to kill Sosbee via 'natural causes'.

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