From Brownsville Texas

February 1, 2004


Psyops & psychotronics continue by fbi against T.

The following log was written by T from about Dec. 1998 - Nov. 1999 and the log reflects T's personal opinion of the facts presented. T (Geral Sosbee) makes no allegation of misconduct by any person; all names (and license plate numbers) may reflect perfectly honest and law abiding citizens / registrants. T makes no effort herein to identify any wrongdoers. The log was made at a time when T could not grasp the horrifying grip on his life that the fbi / cia started in about March 1998. The program to silence T has continued around the clock and around the world (without cessation / interruption) for almost six years as of this update on February 1, 2004.

The Log.



1. In Dec., 1998 a Vietnamese woman named Annie, Asian, age 40-45, 5' 5" , 100 lbs. approached me. She worked at a nail salon and seemed to be a Police Informant. The next day my head lights were turned on and resulted in a dead battery overnight.

2. On Jan. 6, 1999, I met an Asian female from Indonesia by the name of Marsha Van Hasen, 37 years of age, 5' 9", employed as a facial make-up representative, assigned at the Dillards Store in Town East Mail. She gave me her phone number (817) 737-5677 and asked me to call her and agreed to have date on the following Wednesday. The next day my car lights were turned on and a dead battery resulted. Also, someone entered my apartment and left Motel 6 soap under my friend's pillow and left a bar of Motel 6 soap in my car; the individual also took hand cream from the kitchen area.


3. Over the next several days, I noticed my lights would be turned on in broad daylight in various locations in East Dallas. On one such occasion, my friend E was with me at Ross Avenue and Greenville when the lights were on at around 10 AM after we exited the car to enter the grocery store.


4. On another evening in February, 1999, my lights were turned on in the parking lot by an unknown individual and dead battery resulted; also, broken toothpicks were scattered around the car's interior. The toothpicks were enclosed in cellophane containers.


5. On two occasions I went to SMU Law School to study and on each occasion I observed the following; A w/m, age 48, 5' 9", 175 lbs., interrupted me as he slammed down a law book, he then walked closely by me, brushing my person and exited; as he was exiting, he looked back at me, as I observed his actions and he changed his exit door twice more. On the other occasion, a w/m, age 25-28, 5' 10", 140 lbs., walked next to where I was studying, made noises to insure I saw him and then he left, without apparent purpose in the library. Subsequently the Law Librarian made clear to me that I am not welcomed in the library.


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6. Around Feb. 11, 1999 I placed an ad to sell my car through the Dallas Morning News. That same night my car lights were turned on by unknown individual and dead battery resulted the next morning. On Feb 12, 1999, I cancelled the ad and since that date no further tampering with my car was noted that week.


7. Witnesses to some of the car light and dead battery problems are: Bobby Mashburn (9000 Poppy Dr.). On one occasion the service company White Knights provided a jump start. On other occasions E provided a jump start. I also reported the above incidents to my friends Terry Walls and Doug Grantham. I filed only one police report because the officer who took the report was hostile and stated "you are paranoid".


8. Efforts were made to locate any tracking device on my car, but w/o success. The former problem I had regarding mail theft mail tampering resumed this week (Feb. 8-18, 1999).


9. On Sunday (21 Feb. 1999) I visited Bookstore at Preston and Royal Lane Dallas where an Asian Female (35-40 yrs, 5' 4", 90 lbs., dark complexion) wearing blue jeans torn on hip area stood next to me and smiled. I said hi. A w/m stocky, 5' 9" age 40-45, watched me and the Asian female; he left the store w/o purchase; five minutes later she left w/o purchase. On Tues., 23 Feb, 1999, E noticed the TV antenna unplugged when we arrived home from store.


10. On 3-1-99, about 11 PM-Midnight, someone entered the apartment (#9348), tore up key ring and exited, slamming door while I was asleep. E came in about 30 minutes later.


11. On 3-2-99 someone entered apt. at about 3:30-4:30 PM while I was in work out room. When I returned I noticed the door mats rearranged and the mouse pad under the keyboard. I observed a suspicious w/m, 5' 8", 130 lbs., 25-27 yrs., smoking, wearing corduroy slacks and shirt (long sleeve) on a warm day; he was walking off the


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premises via mail boxes. A month earlier as I was walking to the workout room, I heard a female scream; I was the only person in the vicinity and I could not see who was screaming; the scream came from the apt. nearest the entrance to the workout room.


12. During late 1998 and 1999 extensive telephone harassment; phone company & police refused to investigate.


13. From 3-22-99 to 3-29-99 many incidents occurred: car lights were turned on, home invaded and trashed, stalking of my person, business rejections, bank accounts tampered with. Private Investigator L. E. Driscoll stated he would try to locate tracking device for $500, but I would have to go to Houston, I declined.


14. On 3-23-99 I was possibly followed in the Target Store by a white male age 30-32 who drove 1986 Toyota Cressida registered to Sean B. Hannon, 6050 Melody Ln., apt. 178, Dallas, Texas. Hannon is w/m, born 2-15-68.


15. On April 5 (apx) I was befriended by a Panamanian Female at ice cream store. She later apparently provided false affidavit to allow authorities to obtain civil commitment order against me*.


16. On April 13, 1999 Ms. Bea Stabile (Owner of Apartment complex at 2427 Tusitala Honolulu, Hawaii 96815) (805) 923-1059 ordered me to find another place to live and stated I must move. She indicated she had been contacted by person she would not identify and that I was under investigation. She indicated excrement was repeatedly placed at my door by unknown persons and loud disruptions at my door by unknown trespassers caused tenants to lose sleep.


17. On apx. April 20, 1999 a 25 year old Hawaiian male drove up to me as I walked home and stated he would disable any car I drive and that I should watch my step.


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18. As in Dallas Texas, every apartment refused to rent me unit in Honolulu. The Social Security office in Honolulu advised that fbi has a "Hold" on me.


19. On April 22, 1999 I was followed and harassed at Honolulu Airport and on board the flight to Narita Airport, Japan. Upon arrival I was followed by same individual who assaulted me on board the plane. (Japanese male age 50)


20. While I was in Honolulu, I reported the harassment to follow individuals: Ted Meeker, Assistant U.S. Attorney; Barbara Sakamoto, assistant to Senator Inouye; Peter Wolfe, Federal Public Defender; John Van Dyke, Thomas Feeney, Eric Seitz, Mark Davis and Dan Foley, constitutional law scholars and practitioners, Neil Abercrombie.


21. On approximately April 22, 1999 upon my arrival in Chiangmai, Thailand, I noticed that a discreet physical surveillance was in effect on my person. During the next few weeks my apartment was invaded, personal items stolen and my food was drugged. On one occasion I fell asleep for 15 hours; on another occasion I was kept awake 48 hours from the effects of the drug. On another morning (apx April 30, 1999) a taxi driver locked me in his car and refused to let me out, I jumped out of the taxi; while it was moving; the driver spoke English very well.


22. On several occasions while I was at "Central" shopping center in Chiangmai, I was followed by security guards and I was denied service at several businesses. the following individuals/companies are aware of fbi activities against me. Paual S. Bowen, American Express Travel, 1440 Kapiolan Blvd., suite 104, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 (808) 946-7741. Bowen apparently helped fbi and Brown delayed providing me with my ticket in order to insure I traveled to Narita. (April 99) Budget Rent-A-Car allowed fbi at Honolulu Airport to place electronic tracking device on the rental car. (April 99)

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T. Ted Kim-Sprint, 1088 Bishop Street, Suite 100, Honolulu Hawaii (808) 524-4545, innocently delayed my service for eight hours in order for fbi to tap and trace my calls.


U.S. Postal employees in Dallas, Texas (Mr. Ron Robinson, Randy Teel and Mr. Joe Thieme) can confirm fbi involvement in extensive mail theft and tampering (letter from Thieme enclosed). Mail theft continues to date.


Private Investigator John Bullock of Dallas Texas refused to assist me after he spoke with fbi.

The following additional friends and associates are aware of the harassment against me.

Attorney Joseph E. Ashmore 3710 Rawlins, Suite 1210, Dallas, Texas 75219, suggested that I am in danger of arrest and civil commitment and that to protect myself I should submit to psychiatric examination, in order to have objective report to counter any government report against me.


Terry Walls and Doug Grantham, Smith Security Officers who expressed alarm at my problems in Dallas, Texas. Walls suggested that the fbi is isolating me from society and Grantham suggested that I keep a log of events.


Mark Mueller, attorney and friend, 6510 Abrams Rd., Dallas, Texas 75231 (214) 221-6888 is aware of my problems with fbi as reflected in this log.


Los Angeles, Ca., June-July, 1999: I was refused an apartment everywhere I applied. Also I was refused medical treatment at UCLA. I met with attorney Andrew Wyatt ($150.00 fee) who stated no legal recourse. The California State Fair Housing Council of The San Fernando Valley investigated unlawful refusal to rent me an apartment. Investigator Olon Wafer, assistant to Executive Director Diana Bruno of The Fair Housing Council, 8134 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 206, Panorama City 91402, advised he will attempt to confirm violation. Wafer's phone number is (818) 373-1185, Fax (818) 373-1193.


Twenty four hour surveillance on and off continues on my person including a tracking device on the rental cars. License #'s of vehicles in Los Angeles which were set up on my hotel room:


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Log 1999


July 1- Every apartment complex I visited on Sepulvede and surrounding streets in Sherman Oaks refused to rent me an apartment.


July 2- I ate at Baron's Restaurant, 14151 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91403
(818) 784-6226 and the same evening came down with a viral infection. I was driving rental car and noticed car repeatedly following me and I waited one hour to be served.


July 3- I went to the emergency room of UCLA Medical Center where I was coldly received and where I was left alone in a room for two hours and no treatment was offered; I was billed $164.00 for being in the emergency room even though no treatment was given.


July 8- I returned to the UCLA emergency for same symptoms and a doctor saw me and diagnosed a viral infection; I was billed another $164.00 for this visit. I reported the denial of medical treatment and the over billing to Dr. Marshall Morgan (Chief of Emergency Medical Unit). No response to date.


I returned to Barone's on July 9, and I was not offered seating. Throughout July and the first two weeks of August, I noticed numerous home invasions where personal items were moved and rearranged. on one occasion in August (first week) someone tampered with the lock on my room and I was locked out. During August on several occasions someone took my photo at various locations, including as I was coming out of my hotel room and while I was waiting for a bus.


"Click here to see medical evidence of the fbi planting of bacterial infection in Sosbee"


Click here for evidence of the fbi planting a viral infections in Sosbee


See also the Alert page


Click Here To See Evidence of fbi assaults on sosbee with single chemically created kidney stone.


August 10- I moved into private home of Anwar Junied, 12807 Barbara Ann Street, North Hollywood, Ca. and the owner told me to vacate October 1, because of harassment and terrorism against him during the period of time I lived there.


July and August- Numerous assaults on city bus and public library.


Sept.1- I have no where to go and each time I rent a car tampering and disabling of the car occurs.


Sept. 2-10: Assaults on buses continue. On 9-5-99 a w/m age 60 attempted to pick me up on Sherman Way; license # 4BGV065, (Ca.) a new Camry. This same individual exited his car and pursued me on foot as I walked away from him. He wore dark plastic wraparound sun glasses. Junied reports harassing phone calls residence, criminal mischief on property and attempts to disable his car.


Exhibit 1
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Sept. 10-28 - I was allowed to rent an apartment, but some stalking was noted.


Sept. 29 - Oct. 4 - Home invaded, dental floss removed from case and left on bathroom sink; door stop removed from living room door; written note left on door: "Lucky Rewards" that you have apartment.


Oct. 7- The pain clinic where I receive treatment for Service Connected back injury was raided by police shortly after I entered. Police officer with LAPD is w/m, 38 yrs, 5' 11", 170 lbs., Brown Full Mustache, Brown Hair and Brown Eyes, wearing slacks and shirt with tie and putting therapist out of business; Officer also threatened therapist with ticket in the future. Same day I filed a report with LAPD Internal Affairs: Sgt. Steve Staples, 304 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Ca. 90012, officer # 20026, phone (213) 473-3860, (213) 485-9852, fax (213) 847-6966. Doctor on duty at Pain Clinic advised me that Police was wrong and that the doctor's office and the clinic and met all legal requirement of the City of Los Angeles, State of California and Federal Government.


Oct. 8- I write a letter to the Mayor with copies of report to United Stated Senators and Congressmen and to others interested in this story.


I hereby affirm under penalty of perjury of the laws of the United Stated that all statements in this log (from its inception to the present time/date) are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.


Geral W. Sosbee

Activity Observation*


Oct. 16 & 17 - Repeated assaults at Public Library (LA) by a Hispanic Female who attempted to have me follow her to her destination.


Oct. 19 - I entered my apt. with female friend; we left for an hour and upon my return water was turned on in apt.


Oct. 20 - I left early morning; when I returned live roaches were place in my food inside frig.


Oct. 27 - I left early morning and returned at apx. 4 PM to sleep; at 5:30 PM I went to washateria inside apt. complex; when I returned 15 minutes later the water in the apt. was turned on.


Oct. 29 - When I returned to apt. the unbroken toothpick previously stolen was now placed on the letter to the Mayor.


Oct. 30-31 - Address book and phone numbers and others papers stolen.


Nov. 3 & 4 - PR News wire 865 S. Figueroa, Suite 2310, Los Angeles, Ca., Michael Romero and Janine Caldwell terminated my membership and refused me service, indicating fear of fbi.


Nov. 4 - I sent e-mail to U.S. Senators and Congressmen.
I noticed that over the past week I gained 10 lbs. and marked loss Libido.
I discarded all food in apt. and made appointment with doctor.


Nov. 5 & 6 - Each time I awoke or reentered apt. the phone (PCS) would send me a message at the same minute as I entered or awoke. Tracking # of one message: KDBS4T.


Nov. 8 - I entered Kinko's at 9:30 AM and noticed that a phone number and a name on a piece of paper previously stolen from my apt. were placed at the phone where I usually place calls inside Kinko's service area. Same w/m age 35, 5' 9" who previously assaulted me at Kinko's was again stalking me this day as I found the above mentioned paper. His license plate was altered; Ca. 3JQG556; probable true license # is 3JOG556; no front plate. Vehicle: Mitsubishi.

Nov. 9 - Male end of electrical chord to PCS battery charger removed and charger had not been working for a week. Senators and Congressmen do not return or accept my calls. Close friend in Dallas, Texas, advises that fbi denies knowledge of my complaints. Friend also indicates some faith in me still remains. Another friend in Dallas advises that I must find a place to rest from the constant harassment.


Nov. 12-14 - Car rented from Hertz repeatedly tampered with; two small objects were conspicuously place in vehicle. Vehicle repeatedly entered and doors unlocked and dials changed.


* Cameras lens is in my apt. and implied threats of continued chemical plantings in my food for the purpose of disabling usual bodily functions.


Nov. - Intense and elaborate escalation of harassment; car rental lights repeatedly turned on, stalking by female at Century Plaza, male following me w/Leprosy sign (Click Here To See Medical Clearance on Sosbee) in downtown LA, home invasions and tamperings w/apt. door lock. US Post office not forwarding mail. Awar Junied witness to tampering with my rental car.


Nov. 19 - Attempted sting at Kinko'o downtown (Fig. & Wilshire); Asian female attempted to draw me out and presented a fictitious fax to "John" at about 8 PM. Kinko's is favorite location for harassment and sting because of my letter to Kinko's Joe Hardin.


Nov. 20 - Stalking by two white males who boldly assaulted me using their car at 9:30 PM; later same eve my rental car was tampered with (door unlocked).


Geral Sosbee
Exhibit 1
p 43

Addendum to Log:


Shortly after T arrived in Los Angeles, California, the fbi prevented T from renting an apartment. One witness to such fbi slander, calumny and official misconduct in depriving T of a fundamental Right was Alberto and Alicia Roldan, resident managers, Sepulveda Apartments, 6546 Sepulveda Blvd., #202, Van Nuys, Ca. 91411; when T attempted to subpoena these two for a hearing in the Los Angeles federal law suit by T against the fbi, the two managers mysteriously became unavailable (presumably transferred to avoid testifying). Their phone number at the time was (818) 786-5115. Many other managers in the same neighborhood also refused to rent a unit to T.


Below is a document signed by sosbee and by one Daniel McQuinn showing that he (McQuinn) purchased a revolver from Sosbee on April 4, 1999, in Dallas , Texas (document has been removed). This incident occurred at a time when the fbi was full swing in its terror campaign to silence Sosbee (as reported on this site) and Mr. McQuinn was aware (possibly) of the fbi investigation of Sosbee; McQuinn, however, had no way of knowing that the fbi psyops and cover research (and related atrocities) were being directed against Sosbee at the time. Sosbee used the proceeds from the sale (appx $250.00) to help pay for air fare to Hawaii and Thailand, as Sosbee tried (unsuccessfully) to flee from the assaults.


See my report at the following link where I describe the background of fbi's efforts to drive me to neuroses by a psychological warfare as part of fbi's Countelpro. See also the fbi's psychological assault and warning via  'broken toothpick" message to me  on part 13 of "My Story" near the beginning of the log above.

Note that the Texas Attorney General (AG) is aware of and ignores the many ongoing crimes (even as I currently report same to the AG) against my person by fbi and fbi operatives as shown in his study of this part 13 of "My Story" . Here is the page showing the  site meter image of the AG visit (near lower left of the following  page).


"The first stop on the whistle-blower's roller coaster to ruin is discreditation...

Next ...comes a gamut of retaliatory tactics: harassment from supervisors, the loss of office allies, a stripping of security clearance, the monitoring of activities, inter-office relocation -- one Department of Agriculture informer was moved to a desk in the hallway outside the bathroom -- demotions, psychiatric or medical referrals, or 'administrative leave,' to put it euphemistically."

From Brownsville, Texas

May 13, 2004


In my continuing efforts to identify possible witnesses to the psyops, the following information may be useful: In Dallas, Texas, on or about March 30, 1999, a white male driving a vehicle with Texas license plate number ZZY55N followed me to the Best store on Central Expressway. He also entered the Best store prior to my entering (with my friend E) and he trailed along behind me on every isle that I visited in the Best store. On another occasion around the same week at the same location of the Best store mentioned above a white male parked at the parking lot and remained in his vehicle: vehicle license plate number C84JVN. During the time period of about October through December of 1999, the morning after one of the fbi poisonings of my person (by planting the drugs in my food) two white males pulled up behind me near Kinko's on Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California and repeatedly honked the horn (of their car), yelled at me and laughed at me before driving off; the vehicle's California license plate number was YAH449.


Note: All license plate registrants as identified in this and similar updates may reflect perfectly law abiding citizens; this is not an effort to accuse any person of any wrongdoing. Geral Sosbee