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fbi/cia terrorists at work in USA

From Brownsville, Texas

March 19, 2003

T notices on the internet the following relationship between Towers Production and the fbi; note the description of the fbi as, "ingenious":

1998 to 1999

Tales from the F.B.I., The History Channel.
Four one-hour documentaries which investigate the intriguing history of
the F.B.I as it has evolved from a bumbling bureau into an ingenious
machine of modern investigation.


Addendum to this update: March 19, 2003

Immediately after T sends a request to the webmaster to update the above information on the Towers Productions relationship with the fbi, the fbi thugs and terrorists enter T's car throughout the day and tamper with the effects therein. T is heartened that this update causes such heated responses in the mental dwarfs. Towers Productions statement of fbi ingenuity reflects its role as minion in the true fbi saga. IMHO. Geral Sosbee


May 9, 2002


The following information reflects my continuing efforts to prove and/or document my allegations of fbi criminal activity:


About three years ago, when the fbi/cia intensified terrorist retaliation against me for reporting crimes by agents and operatives of those two agencies, I contacted a reporter named, Ted Montouri, with the Staten Island , New York, Advance, a news organization; after I reported the fbi/cia intense efforts to silence me, Ted asked me to brief him on the fraud that I reported to Congress. Then, Ted invited me to New York for an interview in order to fully document my allegations. I agreed to come to New York to meet with Ted. However, the next day Ted revealed that the fbi (and the publisher) or some intelligence group advised him (presumeably under threat of losing his job) to stay away from Geral Sosbee and to have no further contact with Sosbee. The fbi successfully intimidated the press, by impliedly threatening Ted Montouri.


I have no animosity for Ted Montouri; he wants to keep his job and feed his family. The problem, as I see the situation, is that the press cannot do its job if the threat of losing employment prevents the reporter from performing the duties associated with his/her employment.The press, in short, cannot publish anything without the permission of the fbi/cia, unless the reporter is willing to risk losing employment.


The above information can be reproduced and disseminated around the world. IMHO.

P.S. : I continue my efforts to identify the fbi/cia operatives who provide false sworn statements to the fbi ( in the form of FD 302 s); such statements are then presented to a Magistrate by the fbi in order to terrorize the targeted individual.I hope to post additional identifying data soon in this regard.


Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas


October 9, 2004


This date I learned the following facts from Indymedia and I feel that the fbi is very upset with Indymedia for publishing some of my articles (as well as other articles by those who expose fbi/cia corrupt and criminal practices) :


'FBI vs Indymedia


by • Thursday October 07, 2004 at 11:34 AM


The FBI issued an order to Rackspace (Indymedia's provider with office in the US and London) to remove physically our server. The order was so short term that Rackspace had to give away our hard drives, both in the US and the UK."


In response to the fbi's outrageous efforts to shut down Reporters of Truth, I sent the following message to Indymedia:

Thank you, Indymedia, for not allowing the thugs and the assassins of the fbi/cia to control the stories on your forum. The longer we can print the truth about the low life punks in the fbi/cia (and the effects of their depravity on the global society) the greater the possibilities of forcing the United States Congress to reign in the terrorist practices of these and other corrupt U.S. agencies. Those of us who are targets for death (by fbi/cia) have little to lose by standing up to them; the rest of the world may take on a similar attitude as the people realize the inhumane design that characterizes fbi/cia methods of global subjugation. Thus we all stand up against the tyrants.

From Harlingen, Texas

February 4, 2009

The group that calls itself NPR (National Public Radio) prevents Sosbee three times from posting material on their website as shown in the notices reproduced below. Simultaneously, NPR offers no coverage on the air of the fbi/cia atrocities reported by this Target and other US citizens; thus I dub NPR as 'national propaganda radio for the fbi/cia' (nprfbicia).  The country's media including nprfbicia, are  under the iron hand of fbi/cia dominance in broadcasting and those who pretend to bring news to the public (such as nprfbicia) and who also prevent documentaries such as mine from appearing, are therefore cowards, traitors, fools and facilitators of the fbi/cia global killing and torturing spree. Those who run nprfbicia will need to prepare for trial.


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geral sosbee (geral) wrote:
An NPR moderator has removed this comment because it does not adhere to the discussion guidelines.


* My response , Re: NYT article dated June 8, 2009 : "N. Korea Sentences 2 U.S. Journalists to 12 Years of Hard Labor "Ling & Lee were working on a report about North Korean trafficking in women.

Well, Girls, why not report on the atrocities committed by the fbi/cia here at home and around the **world! Because any such report would result in a violent or deadly response from the thugs in America's  intel agencies. Reporters cannot hide behind their pretentiously innocent faces, because the world knows better than they the underlying truth of USA's corrupt policies & practices. To North Korea: release the two twerps.


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