Letter To Senator Charles Grassley

Sept.1, 2002

Dear Senator Grassley,


I am grateful for your courage in speaking out about the lunatics and the assassins in the fbi. The true terrorists in the world are the fbi/cia and similarly chartered groups, and the price that the United States and its citizens pay for the atrocities committed by the fbi/cia is yet to be tallied.By this I mean that the world reacts in a manner consistent with United States actions (by fbi/cia,etc.) in different countries. When our intelligence agencies kill and torture, etc., then in defense the terrorist counterparts of the fbi/cia retaliate against us here and abroad by killing and torturing. I am sure that you are aware of all this. My main purpose to contact you is to let you know that the fbi/cia are trying to kill me and others, using their psychotronics and related war games, but I am giving them a battle they will not forget, and neither will history.

Geral Sosbee.