Special Addendum To page four of the Letter to Senator Gramm (Senator Gramm may or may not be in receipt of the following information):


From Brownsville, Texas


October 25, 2003


Sosbee learned from intelligence sources inside the fbi that fbi agent Dan Saunders was the first fbi agent to place a false memo into Sosbee's personnel file at the direction of the twin mental dwarfs hoover and jenkins; the contents of the memo are summarized below:


Dan Saunders writes that new agent Sosbee is assigned to the Tampa , Florida , office of the fbi and handles criminal investigations (interstate transportation of stolen property, etc.) and as of this date (appx. 1971) Agent Sosbee is not performing in an acceptable manner in that he cannot conduct interviews due to a hesitancy/stuttering-type problem which prevents him from handling simple interviews; therefore, Sosbee should not be assigned to any other office, should remain under the supervision of Saunders and should be assigned to only those cases that Saunders can supervise. The above letter/memo was placed into the file in order for Saunders (who fancied himself as the dean of new agents) to later recommend dismissal of Agent Sosbee from the fbi.


From Harlingen, Texas

May 7, 2009


Some nine years after Special Agent Dan Saunders, fbi, Tampa, Florida,  falsified the record  as described above, contemptible Saunders continued his dirty work as follows: 

In 1980 Sosbee sought a part time job (open at the time) in the security department at the J.C. Penny Store, San Antonio, Texas, in order to defray *tuition costs during his first year in law school at St. Mary's University. Sosbee submitted his application for employment directly to the security department. The security director there stated  that he contacted Dan Saunders of the Tampa fbi office, and that therefore  no position is available for Sosbee at J.C. Penny. The records of the corrupt actions by Saunders and the security manager (in preventing Sosbee's employment) are apparently still available as evidenced by the J.C. Penny Corporation's  previous and strategic visits to this website . 


* Sosbee obtained a loan for the year's tuition and ultimately became a licensed attorney in Texas.