From Harlingen, Texas
July 4, 2009

The Texas State Attorney General (AG), Greg Abbott, explains in the five page letter (dated 6-26-09) shown below exactly how the TWC violated the Open Records Act in the matter documented herein at:


See Sosbee's response to the AG letter as follows:

Geral Sosbee to
show details 10:03 AM (1 hour ago) Reply

Mr. Greg Abbott,

Thank you for your letter of June 26, 2009, concerning above referenced subject, ID# 347246, tracking No. 090407-001.

Please note that I hereby repeat my lawful request for all records in the possession of TWC, including all statements (and all documents) by Roy Minton, Cynthia Washington,Robert Gomez, and Lona Chastain, Robert N. Jones, Jr., and any other employee or associate of TWC who recorded their statements in this matter. I also take exception to Mr. Abbott's statement granting TWC the right to withhold data as follows:

"...the marked information relating to conciliation attempts is confidential under section 301.085(e) of the Property Code and must be withheld under section 552.101 of the Government Code."

In support of my exception I submit the following statement:
That the data to be "withheld" is exempt from the Government Code because in this instance the data contains evidence of fraud, possible perjury, and possible criminal violations under the Texas Penal Code and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. I have submitted evidence to Mr. Abbott that Roy Minton (et al) made false statements about Geral W. Sosbee (Sosbee) in efforts to trick the Attorney General into withholding the data requested by Sosbee. All such suspect statements are in the possession of Mr. Abbott. Furthermore, Roy Minton (or his associate at TWC) falsely stated that the "Commission" believes that Sosbee may harass or intimidate witnesses, etc. Such outrageous remarks are now seen in the context of the current Open Records request as false and misleading in efforts to cover up misconduct or perjury by the TWC staff involved in this matter. I therefore request that Mr. Abbott study the evidence in this case, especially as the data being withheld under the so called "conciliation attempts" directly contradicts in its contents the statements made by Minton, Washington, and Gomez, concerning alleged 'hostile' attitude of Sosbee, etc. Clearly, (contrary to TWC allegation in support of 'withholding') no conciliation would have been attempted by TWC and the Stoneleigh attorney with a hostile and intimidating party, Sosbee.

Further I need the entire record immediately and without further delay in order to preserve my legal rights and in order to pursue any other avenue (in law or equity) and in order to address the apparent corruption of the TWC  officers to my great personal detriment.

I certify that I mailed this date a copy of this message, via United States mail, to Lona Chastain, Public Information Coordinator, Texas Workforce Commission, 101 East 15th Street, Austin, Texas 78778-0001.

Geral W. Sosbee
Attorney, Pro Se
State Bar # 18855625 (Inactive)
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551

signed :
Geral W. Sosbee

June 29, 2009

From Harlingen, Texas
July 12, 2009

Upon my receipt of part of the TWC record previously withheld by TWC in violation of Open Records laws,  I discovered the real reason why Roy Minton, Cynthia Washington, Robert Gomez and Chairman Pauken (et al) tried to keep the report secret:

One of the witnesses in the report confirmed that , as I had documented, the apartment manager made special arrangements for a non smoking tenant who was adversely affected by the second hand smoke coming into her apartment; the same tenant impliedly confirmed my report that she lived in a section of the apartment complex that she hoped would remain smoke free, or  at least she tried to minimize in her unit the exposure to toxic second hand cigarette smoke[ In my case I presented medical evidence of a severe reaction in my lungs to such exposure; I also presented evidence that I was disabled].

TWC could have pursued this line of questioning with the witness in order to obtain additional information contradicting the management's unfounded denials. The non smoking witness also contradicts previous statements by the apartment management that no non-smoking area exists at the site and that no one is being provided with special consideration as a non-smoker. Note that the statements by Levy and her assistant that Sosbee was 'hostile'  were clearly made to discredit him, while at the same time the TWC investigator  tried to withhold the testimony of the non smoking witness mentioned above because he had already determined that he wanted to close the case.

Roy Minton and his associates knew of the admission (regarding the non smoking tenant) mentioned above, but trashed my complaint in order to cover up their own malicious mishandling and unlawful dismissal of my complaint. Minton's remarks that Sosbee may try to harass or intimidate witnesses was submitted to the Texas Attorney General in an unlawful effort to deny Sosbee access to the record under the Open Record laws. Minton's efforts to keep secret the testimony by the non smoker  mentioned above  are further evidence of Minton's attempt to cover up the corruption of this case by TWC as reported by Sosbee.

As a result of the new evidence summarized above, I am now reviewing the twenty eight page record released to me under the Open Record laws in an effort to determine any further legal recourse available against any person who falsified, altered, or withheld any part of the record in this case. Part of the record continues to be withheld from me as of this date and I have asked the Attorney General to seek a Mandamus ( note that HUD  refused to look into the matter, even after I presented evidence to HUD of the fraud and prejudicial handling of my case by TWC).

I further seek to hold accountable any person who verbally assaulted this Texas attorney who attempted to uncover evidence of perjury, official corruption, or other possible crimes, or malfeasance as suggested herein.