Intellectual Giants Surrender
To Mental Dwarfs

June 3, 2002


The government of the United States, as represented by the fbi/cia thugs, assassins and terrorists now leads the people of this nation toward destruction. No nation can endure when the intellectual foundation is replaced with low level mentality of the cut-throats who are assigned to enforce the laws. The mental dwarfs are in complete control of the United States and Geral Sosbee is but one witness (of perhaps hundreds) who endeavors to report this hideous USA Fact to the people of the world.


Part Two, Intellectual Giants Surrender To Mental Dwarfs


From Brownsville, Texas

November 28, 2002


The United States government, also known as the de facto rulers of the world, now demand the surrender of all peoples and all governments of the world unto the care, custody, control and management of the United States (as reflected in its culture, norms, laws, and public policy) NOW AND FOR ALL TIMES; this immodest seizure of the future of all of mankind and this presumed manipulation of the destiny of the human species is enforced by the fbi and the cia (and other homicidal and terrorist groups inside the United States government) by the use of tactics described in and other sites; any efforts to resist the dictates of the United States is viewed as futile and any human being who voices criticism of the United States' attack on the world is deemed criminally unbalanced and will be dealt with as such.


Geral Sosbee