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From Brownsville, Texas


July 4, 2004


Infrahyp (defined in part 1 of my 'Hate Mail' page) continues to pour in from various messages boards in response to my occasional postings.


In reply to the hateful/confused ones who seek out avenues to unload their contempt for truth, reason and fairness, Sosbee now responds generally to the entire class of misanthropes who so aggressively seek to discredit him.


The following words were written with motives unclear to Sosbee; yet the underlying spiteful nature of the author's low mindset is clear as he attempts to show his great strength by belittling another:


Randroid Terminator <Malenoid@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:<vdnfc0dvd




>> Yes SIR, General Sosbee, whatever you say, SIR!

>Compassion, Mal. He's not well. DSM4:295.30.


I'm going to just guess at this one: Paranoid personality disorder?


Geral Sosbee writes: then the same author inadvertently pinpoints his own prejudice as he proclaims regarding his 'final product':




A show of great strength is often a sign of great weakness, and this weakness will evince itself in that flawed final product.


Geral Sosbee writes: One who continually, verbally and publicly attacks/assaults others without apparent legitimate basis to do so (and with no first hand knowledge/understanding of the complexities associated with the target of his contempt) is flawed in his analysis thereof in all that he writes. For the record.


sends the following message to his detractors:


August 24, 2004


Geral Sosbee writes: To the pompous ones who insist that these message boards are their very own and that they alone dictate who may appear and what may be written: The United States presently employs torturers and assassins throughout the world and their handicraft is the malicious killing and terrorizing (sometimes by slow and drawn out death blows) of people who speak out about the atrocities committed mainly by the fbi/cia. Those who are aware of such activity by the evil masters in this government (and then do nothing about it) are cowards and co-conspirators in the ongoing global holocaust. If the reader of my reports is so offended by the truth therein, perhaps the same reader is either mindless of the human suffering caused by the fbi/cia, or is devoid of conscience like the psychopaths I describe. In any event I do not listen to threats and I do not take orders from fools. Further, the detractors of these messages are the kinds of persons who might in earlier times have taken a front row seat to the public hangings and the drawings and quartering of their brothers and sisters for their perceived creativity. I urge you all therefore to continue your attacks on me if you like because the world will now see you for what you are : mental dwarfs and low lifes whose self interest and comfort often is forged from the sufferings of others.


Sosbee also writes: The most compelling subject in my opinion today is the inhumane war on mankind now being waged by the United States, especially as directed by the fbi and the cia. I presently see very little coverage of this topic anywhere, even while the criminal activities of these two evil agencies escalates before our very eyes (i.e.: the cia lying to Congress about weapons of mass destruction, thereafter dragging US to war; the fbi and the cia use of high tech to kill/incapacitate the Targets; the fbi's wholesale and unjustifiable killings of our people). Moreover when I attempt to focus attention on the ongoing (and past) atrocities of these two corrupt agencies, the little ones (whom I describe on my site as mental dwarfs) verbally attack or otherwise slander me. So, let the record show that each of you in so assaulting me and my work stand as prime examples of the low and sinister mentality that dominates politics, law and public policy in this country; by your ignorance you assist the fbi and the cia in keeping the voice of liberty muted, and you will therefore be remembered as cowards and "scum bags" (to use Barbara Hartwell's words). You should indeed be ashamed of yourselves, but your lack of good sense and conscience preclude introspection. In your writings you exhibit the ugly side of mankind (that part devoid of sensitivity to the suffering of others and that part that cares not about improving the human condition today); in person I am quite certain that intelligent company is something you sorely miss and in a sense I am grateful that I do not have to look upon your empty blank faces, for there be nothing there of interest to the discerning artist/thinker/philanthropist. Finally, for the record, you are each in default of your duty (or responsibility) to society according to one we all know who stated:


"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs". Albert Einstein


Finally, as I have no realistic expectation that the fbi or the cia will be reigned in by the Congress (and knowing by experience that the courts are equally cowardly to hold the fbi/cia accountable), I have little energy left to fight this battle alone.