See filthy threat by fbi psychopathic operative/criminal stalker/possible assassin  in retaliation for exposing crimes by fbi and their police underlings ( Knipfing & Rodriguez )

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Part 16 Philippines hate messages delivered to Sosbee;
Yahoo prevents fbi from deleting Sosbee's compelling report 


Sosbee's comments to Hate Mailers:

I welcome most ideas as 1) ...Free Speech


2)...Most readers see the true meaning of the hate mail; i.e.:


INsincere, FRAudulent and HYPocritical....INFRAHYP

Samples Of Hate Mail

Subject: RE: fbi thugs around the world

Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 08:50:56 -0800

From: "AdScholar Sales" <sales@adscholar.com>

To: "geral sosbee" <gsosbee@yahoo.com>,

Mr. Sosbee,

I am not sure why I have been included on this email conversation. While it is entertaining in a somewhat paranoid, chemichaly imbalanced sort of way...I have work to do and do not wish to receive any further insane ramblings about the "empire" the FBI, Darth Vador, "t", your answering machines DEFAULT notfication 'End of messages' (try reading your owners manual...that is not the FBI's reminder to you that they are harrasing you, that is your answering service telling you that there are no more messages!), or what ever else that is floating around in your mind.

I am no psychiotrist, but my unprofesional opinion is that you DO need to see one. Everything that happens in your life (good or bad) is NOT the FBI's doing. I mean really...would the FBI send an agent to go and piss on your blanket?! Or to put a leaf on the passenger side seat of your car (maybe you left the window open and parked under a tree??)? I am willing to venture that there is not a single thing that the FBI has done to you.

Seek Help Mr sosbee, life is much better when you're not looking over your shoulder for spooks that dont exist.

Italian hate message: (Media Responses Page)

April 18, 2002

Salve a lei, Flores io le consiglio di comperare il numero di Nuova Storia Contemporanea e controllare una per una le 70 note a supporto del saggio (che io ho riassunto nella misura funzionale a un articolo sulla disinformazione e gli agenti d'influenza del Kgb) che si rifanno ad altrettanti documenti originali, da poco accessibili e che mostrano la nuda e cruda veritÓ dei fatti.

Conoscevo bene il sito di Sosbees, che Ŕ uno dei tanti monomaniaci americani in paranoico conflitto con le loro autoritÓ.

Ma anche la sua lettera Ŕ tutta pervasa da un tono poco accettabile: che significa che lei vuole "constatare" se Ŕ "tutta farina del mio sacco". Io ho citato da quale sacco traggo la fonte e la fonte Ŕ quella. Non esistono altre farine.

Io non so chi sia lei, ma so chi sono io: sono giornalista da 40 anni, ho coperto tutte le zone del mondo, ho la statura professionale che mi Ŕ riconosciuta in Italia e all'estero e se a lei non piace quel che scrivo, pazienza: ce ne faremo una ragione.

..Su Ustica poi sono uno dei maggiori esperti e autore di un importante libro. Se vuole se lo legga, se non vuole non se lo legga. Si chiama "Ustica veritÓ svelata" e lý c'Ŕ tutto quel che c'Ŕ da sapere.

..Tutta la minestra di sigle che lei mi propina Ŕ soltanto il vecchio, arcinoto, del tutto squalificato e demolito pasticcio di vecchie rimasticature fuori moda.

La ricerca storica Ŕ una scienza che si fa sui documenti, non sui siti paranoici. Richiede migliaia di ore di umile e sudato lavoro.

Il solo fatto che lei citi l'OSS ("Oh, So Social!..." era il nomignolo dato ad un gruppetto di professorini ingenui come agnelli, arruolati per fare la guerra dalle UniversitÓ) dimostra che a lei mancano le basi della materia.

Studi, caro Flores.

Un caro saluto.

Paolo Guzzanti

Geral Sosbee notes: The same man who wrote the above ridicule/gibberish apparently also (in a different forum) pretentiously provided:

John "Birdman" Bryant" - http://thebirdman.org All truth passes through three stages, First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident--Arthur Schopenhauer.


To: "geral sosbee" <gsosbee@yahoo.com>
From: "Matthew Claxton"<newswire.sterlingnews.com@pmail.easyhosting.com>
Subject: Re: tracking device implantation and spelling.
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:32:03 +0000


Geral, Geral, Geral. I really don't know where to start. Obviously, you are wrong. Your government is not using dentists to plant tracking devices in people's teeth. As a part of the Uber-conspiracy, I know we actually use physiotherapists and acupuncturists for this delicate work. But let's skip that, and go straight to spelling.


In the paragraph below, you spell "surnames" sir names. You are not going to get any respect in the paranoid conspiracy community until you learn a few basic grammar rules and build a larger vocabulary. I recommend Strunk and White's guide to grammar as a good place to start.


Dr. D above and Dr.Z above are the actual first letters of the sir names of the two dentists involved in the implantation of the tracking device in T. Any congressional investigation would confirm these facts. T is willing to stake his life on this statement.


Also, you have an unclear sentence in the middle of the paragraph. What does that mean? What facts would the congressional investigation confirm? That some dentists have names starting with D or Z? That tooth implantation has occured in this case, or that tooth implantation occurs regularly? Also, if T is willing to stake his life on this statement, why doesn't he reveal his name? Or are you T, and we are expected to infer this?


With a little help, your rambling screeds can be more accessible and readable. Please think about these suggestions. Remember, a little criticism never hurt anyone.


Your Friend,
High Lord Inquisitor Quentin Marbury Luxury

Yacht, Ret.

November 8, 2002


Sosbee receives the following message from: http://www.christiancommonlaw-gov.org


You need someone less mind-traumatized directing your energies, sir.


You seem to have been trained to operate as a man taking orders from a superior.
Your not designed to work at the top of the pyramid. You are designed to take orders from the top of the pyramid.
You need to find someone, some-wherere; who you can trust to take ortders from. Your incompetent to work by your-self, sir.


You sound as tho you were probably mk-ultra mind-control traumatized from birth.


> My heart is with you and your wonderful associates.


If you trust me, call me and work closer with me. Work with me to develop better strategy than merely "Making Noise".

Place me in phone contact with Barbra. I need to place you in cointact with Cisco Wheeler. She has experience in mkultra mind-control slaves.


There are a number of things we can do. Together our power is significant. Seperated we are vulnerable.


Brother chuck.


> Brother geral





Regarding Tim Albertson

Who's Who and Who's New: New Members of the Adventure Radio Society

By Richard Fisher, KI6SN
The ARS Sojourner


1,162. Timothy-Allen Albertson, KG6IRH Oakland, CA


----- Original Message -----


From: "Timothy-Allen Albertson-KG6IRH"
To: <earthfirstalert@yahoogroups.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: [EF!] Ex-FBI Agent Whistleblower page


> Only a wingnut would listen to this wingnut.
> FBI agent, hell, the man can not even write
> a simple affidavit with a correct jurat or
> declaration. 73 de tim kg6irh.


> ----- Original Message -----






From Brownsville, Texas
New as of February 20, 2003


Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:33:43 -0800 (PST)


From: "Tony Iommi" <electriceye2003@yahoo.com>


Subject: Brownsville and its Hispanic Women


To: gsosbee@yahoo.com

"Sosbee may not be able update this site ... due to pending financial strain"




Gerry Ol' Boy,


I was checking out your website. Feeling kinda lonely on top of your delusional paranoia? What kindof line do you draw on these "Hispanic" women you encounter on a day-to-day basis to get them to talk to you? By the way, this little hot Mexican former acquaintance of yours gave us a lot of useful informationon you. When asked if she believed your nonsense, her reply was "Nah, ...puro pedo." (translation: a lot ofhot fart air). DON'T FORGET THIS --- you're impotent.


You ever see "True Lies"? There's this guy who tries to pick-up on Arnold Schwartzeneger's wife by telling her he's a secret ops agent on the run. When questioned by real agents, he admits his trick neverworks then pisses in his pants.


Here's the sad truth: These women think you're a crazy gringo -- nothing else. In fact, the ones I've observed you with or spoken to, think you're a well-intentioned but plenty loco. Those who work in the places you frequent notice how weird you behave and seem to place you in the same class with all theother mentally ill derelicts who drag their sad carcASSes into their midsts on an almost daily basis. Don't blame the fbi/cia for your psychosis. That's a bunch of malarky.

But back to the lies. Your website is full of them. Here's just one. You claim to shower at about 7 a.m. in the college gym. Bullshit. They don't open it until 7:30 a.m. I personally checked it out. No one there new you or about you -- until now.


Watch out. We alerted the the woman you described and her husband (who also works on campus) about your peculiar behavior and sad delusions. The folks at the public library are also keeping a log of your activity. TSC/UTB Campus police will also be collecting reports of your peculiar behavior while you're on campus by various university personnel willing to participate with our investigation/observation of you. Obviously, you've stirred a few people into reporting you around that campus. Why don't you just lay off of them and everyone else you encounter? Sure, you never really bother anyone until you burst into one of your episodes. JUST TAKE YOUR MEDICATION, stupid.


By the way -- We have the ability now to monitor every keystroke you make on any computer you frequently use throughout your days. What a waste of time it is reading your website.



Click Here For More Information on hysterical Tony Iommi

The above quoted Hate Mail is submitted anonymously (as usual) by mental dwarfs (mds-as defined on this site), or by persons who have not the slightest idea of what they are talking about; these persons share the same functional mentality as the mds and are representative of the general failure of the public at large to exercise their own brains to investigate or otherwise attempt to verify facts prior to condemning the author of such facts. T is heartened nevertheless that these persons, slow in wit as they may be, find sufficient cause to reveal their ignorance, their misanthropy and their misplaced & hypocritical arrogance.

Geral Sosbee. May 16, 2003.

From Brownsville, Texas


December 15, 2003


A critic of T describes himself with the following words:"I would like to see a new civilization with no war, no pain and no ignorance." Then the same critic writes the following message to T: 11 Dec 2003 @ 19:50 by bbee : You say the People are going to pay?




You post that the FBI are hurting brothers and sisters. Who is going to make us, the people pay? If you can answer that you will not talk in generalities and non specifics. Though a threat is a threat...

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