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ilovephilosophy.com removes sosbee's posts as shown below: While Matt's message is not hate mail, the content is similar in quality to the insipid messages I receive frequently from those who do not want the truth told.


From: Matt


To: geral sosbee


Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2004 3:04 pm


Subject: General Posts


Hi Geral,

Please note several of your posts have been moved to our quarantine area at the moment as all the posts seem to have been along the same lines and no-one was replying to them, which I felt was unnecessarily cluttering up the forum.

Please note the forum rules which can be found here, especially points iv and viii.




Geral Sosbee notes :The ilovephilosophy.com board states the following criteria for posting in the Social Sciences section:


Social Sciences


What used to be the Politics and Economics forum, the Social Sciences forum intends to broaden the discussions and include politics, economics, sociology, law, business and any other topic that falls under the social science remit.


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