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The following website posts the message shown below in an anonymous effort to discredit " this Sosbee gentleman".

Sosbee forgives the stickyboy because he, like so many others, know not what they do.



1/4/08 04:28 pm

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I'm buying stock in Reynolds Wrap


I've read these people before, but never saw such a complex website maintained by one of them. Wow.

Edit: It was brought to my attention that "these people" and "one of them" aren't the most sensitive way to refer to individuals with an often incapacitating mental illness. I do not believe there is anything funny about persecutory delusional complexes, however fascinating the manifestation of them may be to observe. I certainly hope that this Sosbee gentleman receives the necessary help and relief from this terrible condition.

Sosbee regularly receives many death threats and generalized hate mail (such as those shown at:
http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/hatemail-partfoa.html and http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/hatemailpartsix.html

Here is one where the sender (an fbi supporter) suggests that Sosbee is on the fbi most wanted list and is tracked
by satellite:


Thus the following fbi most wanted photo should be added to the list and Bin Laden be removed, as Sosbee is a greater threat to fbi/cia global assassins and terrorists:



Wanted dead for the documentation of rabid fbi/cia high crimes and misdemeanors.

Look for the above photo at:

Click Here For More Messages To Sosbee That He Is On The fbi's Top Ten List