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On January 11, 2006, Geral W. Sosbee sent the following e-mail in response to a visit to his website the day before by the law firm shown below; apparently the law firm performed a search of the word 'mastoid' and the search engine registered one such reference (among many) as www.sosbeevfbi.com. The purpose of the Sosbee e-mail to the law firm was to ask senior attorneys to look at the material .

The e-mail from Sosbee :


Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:38:02 -0800 (PST)


From: "geral sosbee" <gsosbee@yahoo.com> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert

Subject: fbi criminal and terrorist assaults in retaliation against a former fbi agent


To: cams@lawampm.com


No response (and no advice regarding statute of limitations) are expected from this message.


I am being tortured/abused around the clock (24/7) by the intelligence agencies of the U.S. government, principally the fbi; this has been going on for about 8-10 years worldwide with the apparent intention of forcing me to seek a final exit. See:








Lawyers across the country want nothing to do with my complaint against the fbi; apparently, no attorney (except me) has the interest in protecting the Constitution of the United States against wholesale violations of the Bill of Rights by the intelligence agencies, as I outline on my website (www.sosbeevfbi.com).


Over the past several years, I have struggled to stay alive, even in the face of extreme assaults by the fbi as I have outlined in my website. I am worn down, and I am deeply saddened (for my country) by the realization that no constitutional lawyer in this nation will take the case I have against the torturers and would be assassins of the fbi.


No response to this e-mail is expected. No legal advice is solicited.


This message is for the eyes of the senior partners of your firm only and I am not interested in communications from anyone other than one of them. Neither do I care to hear from any person in your firm that my case is of no interest to them. Please do not insult me by ignoring this preference.





Geral W. Sosbee

The person who visited the site shows particular interest in the non-consensual cover research page and part 5 of My Story In Detail (where incidentally, Sosbee has recorded some subliminal suggestions for the readers). At no time does Sosbee refer to himself (either in communications or on the website as: "General W. Sosbee"). Sosbee notes in this regard that some of his detractors (such as some of those who appear anonymously on the Google internet public message boards) repeatedly refer to Sosbee as, "General", in an apparent effort to harass or to falsely label Sosbee in an unfavorable/misleading/derogatory manner. The law firm mentioned above, possibly aware of the smear tactic (i.e., the use of the title "General", to refer to Sosbee) then sends Sosbee a response to his original inquiry. The response is shown below and contains either: 1) an honest typographical error as shown in the words, "Dear General W. Sosbee". Note the law firm's correct initial spelling of the name "Geral Sosbee" in the heading shown below; or 2) a subliminal suggestion and a perverse mind game directed to Sosbee from the law firm.

The e-mail:


The purpose of this update is to record for future reference that the failure of the legal profession to seriously consider Sosbee's reports reflects a serious lapse in responsibility, or judgment by all attorneys who flippantly dismiss Sosbee's reports. Further, any person , lawyer or layperson, who intentionally seeks to ridicule or to demoralize a Target of the fbi and the cia neutralization or containment campaigns may benefit from a lesson in sensitivity training (see also my definition of ' Mental Dwarf ' on the site, www.sosbeevfbi.com). If on the other hand the attorney simply fails to type the correct name and title of the potential client (or one who casually seeks information from the law firm), then perhaps the law firm should consider asking that typist/attorney to have a second reading (and editing) in-house of all e-mails (and all comunications) prior to sending the messages.

Sosbee believes that the law firm may be quite capable of effectively representing clients in court and that the law firm does not customarily play mind games on persons who make inquiries; in this instance, however, the law firm fails to correctly type the name of Geral W.Sosbee (even though the law firm does in fact type the name correctly in the first instance, as shown above) ; Sosbee also believes that the law firm may also fail to consider the proposition that those who subliminally attack (or otherwise play mind games upon) a victim of fbi/cia psychological and psychoelectronic operations represent the lowest form of human intellect and that those same insidious provocateurs fail in their general duty to all of mankind to address the profound issues presented by Geral W. Sosbee and others. This update represents the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and is not intended to disparage any person.