Added Evidence Of fbi Misconduct

The above report reflects the fbi's theft of my identity and simultaneous use of the company, "Pack It Up", to deliver a subliminal message to me.

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On April 3, 2010, I notified Sears and Citi Bank as follows:

The fbi recently caused the following false address to be entered on my application for the Sears Card ( a citi bank provider)  [ my original application contained the correct address on Sonesta Drive and the correct email address]; here is the incorrect address entered by the fbi:

Geral W. Sosbee, 2828 East Grimes , Apt 152 Harlingen, Texas 78550

The card was subsequently lost or stolen, and I applied for a new card as a result of the fbi unlawful  'gaslighting'  games which are documented throughout this website.

On April 3, 2010, I learned that the fbi also entered the following false e-mail address on the Citi records in my name: ; my correct email address is ; here is the notice to me from Citi:

"Verify Email Address

Our records show there is more than one email address on file for this account. Please select a primary email address below where you would prefer to receive information on how to better manage your account and take advantage of the latest products and services. "


For other instances of fbi stealing my identity for harassment purposes see:

Thank you _________________________________Geral W. Sosbee, po box 3374harlingen, texas 78551 (956)371-5210