Contact former fbi agent:

Geral W. Sosbee

Thank you for your interest.


Recent events put a strain on my time and energy, especially as I face a multitude of challenges (many of which can be viewed on my site:


Anyone who would like to communicate with me is free to do so; I am not interested in second or third party introductions or messagings. Fraud/insincerity even of the slightest shade is easy for me to see through.


For your information, I from time to time learn that some individuals who insist on talking to me have an angle, motive, bent, or agenda alien to mine.


I seek to destroy the fbi and the cia for the benefit of the people of the world, our country, humanity. Anyone who shares this commitment or anyone who is presently targeted for death by the fbi cia or similar group is always welcome in my heart and in my company.


Best Wishes. Geral

From Brownsville, Texas


November 24, 2004


The fbi/cia now regularly delete or otherwise interfere with some messages sent to me (and the two desperate agencies also prevent my outgoing responses).